Who is the F1 champion by year?

The formula 1 champions view provides the list of all time F1 champions. This view shows you the F1 champion for a specific season under the selected points system. It takes into account that each season has it own championship definition. Click here for the details.
    Season    Champion    Champion points    Selected PSS champion    Champion points    Total points
2022Max Verstappen454Max Verstappen454454
2021Max Verstappen395.5Max Verstappen410.5410.5
2020Lewis Hamilton347Lewis Hamilton347347
2019Lewis Hamilton413Lewis Hamilton413413
2018Lewis Hamilton408Lewis Hamilton411411
2017Lewis Hamilton363Lewis Hamilton370370
2016Nico Rosberg385Nico Rosberg391391
2015Lewis Hamilton381Lewis Hamilton389389
2014Lewis Hamilton384Lewis Hamilton366366
2013Sebastian Vettel397Sebastian Vettel404404
2012Sebastian Vettel281Sebastian Vettel287287
2011Sebastian Vettel392Sebastian Vettel395395
2010Sebastian Vettel256Sebastian Vettel259259
2009Jenson Button95Jenson Button241.5241.5
2008Lewis Hamilton98Lewis Hamilton244244
2007Kimi Räikkönen110Kimi Räikkönen278278
2006Fernando Alonso134Fernando Alonso326326
2005Fernando Alonso133Fernando Alonso324324
2004Michael Schumacher148Michael Schumacher375375
2003Michael Schumacher93Michael Schumacher241241
2002Michael Schumacher144Michael Schumacher387387
2001Michael Schumacher123Michael Schumacher330330
2000Michael Schumacher108Michael Schumacher288288
1999Mika Hakkinen76Eddie Irvine238238
1998Mika Hakkinen100Mika Hakkinen277277
1997Jacques Villeneuve81Michael Schumacher231231
1996Damon Hill97Damon Hill263263
1995Michael Schumacher102Michael Schumacher276276
1994Michael Schumacher92Damon Hill258258
1993Alain Prost99Alain Prost276276
1992Nigel Mansell108Nigel Mansell285285
1991Ayrton Senna96Ayrton Senna276.5276.5
1990Ayrton Senna78Ayrton Senna233233
1989Alain Prost76Alain Prost227249
1988Ayrton Senna90Ayrton Senna256277
1987Nelson Piquet73Nelson Piquet220232
1986Alain Prost72Alain Prost218235
1985Alain Prost73Alain Prost226238
1984Niki Lauda72Alain Prost216.5216.5
1983Nelson Piquet59Nelson Piquet187187
1982Keke Rosberg44Keke Rosberg155155
1981Nelson Piquet50Nelson Piquet167167
1980Alan Jones67Alan Jones198214
1979Jody Scheckter51Jody Scheckter153201
1978Mario Andretti64Mario Andretti198198
1977Niki Lauda72Niki Lauda223223
1976James Hunt69Niki Lauda210210
1975Niki Lauda64.5Niki Lauda207211
1974Emerson Fittipaldi55Emerson Fittipaldi181182
1973Jackie Stewart71Jackie Stewart222222
1972Emerson Fittipaldi61Emerson Fittipaldi176176
1971Jackie Stewart62Jackie Stewart181181
1970Jochen Rindt45Jacky Ickx128.5128.5
1969Jackie Stewart63Jackie Stewart184184
1968Graham Hill48Graham Hill143143
1967Denny Hulme51Denny Hulme163163
1966Jack Brabham42Jack Brabham119131
1965Jim Clark54Jim Clark155157
1964John Surtees40John Surtees121121
1963Jim Clark54Jim Clark155218
1962Graham Hill42Graham Hill120161
1961Phil Hill34Phil Hill102120
1960Jack Brabham43Jack Brabham139.33139.33
1959Jack Brabham31Jack Brabham99111
1958Mike Hawthorn42Stirling Moss120120
1957Juan Manuel Fangio40Juan Manuel Fangio120138
1956Juan Manuel Fangio30Juan Manuel Fangio87.596.5
1955Juan Manuel Fangio40Juan Manuel Fangio120120
1954Juan Manuel Fangio42Juan Manuel Fangio127179.14
1953Alberto Ascari34.5Alberto Ascari102.5139.5
1952Alberto Ascari36Alberto Ascari104155.5
1951Juan Manuel Fangio31Juan Manuel Fangio89105.5
1950Giuseppe Farina30Giuseppe Farina9096
In the F1 per season champions view, the actual champions are listed against the champion under the selected points scoring system for each season.
Select a points scoring system of your choice. For the selected points scoring system both the championship points and total points are shown. Orange indicate a different champion under the selected points scoring system.
The difference between champion points and total points: in the past the championship was decided based on additional rules like only the x best results count. The total points is simply the total points achieved for all results by a specific driver.
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