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Grandprix results of Belgium - 1974

Pos DriverTeamPointsLaps
1  3br.webpEmerson FittipaldiMcLaren2585
2  1at.webpNiki LaudaFerrari1885
3 -1za.webpJody ScheckterTyrrell1585
4 -3ch.webpClay RegazzoniFerrari1285
5  2fr.webpJean Pierre BeltoiseBRM1085
6  6nz.webpDenny HulmeMcLaren9 (+ fastest lap)85
7  6gb.webpMike HailwoodMcLaren684
8  21gb.webpGraham HillLola483
9  22it.webpVittorio BrambillaMarch283
10  13au.webpTim SchenkenTrojan183
11  8gb.webpJohn WatsonBrabham083
12  9gb.webpGuy EdwardsLola082
13  4fr.webpJean Pierre JarierShadow082
14  16nl.webpGijs Van LennepIso Marlboro082
15 -1au.webpVern SchuppanEnsign082
16  9fr.webpFrancois MigaultBRM082
17  10be.webpTeddy PiletteBrabham081
18gb.webpBrian RedmanShadow080
19 -3be.webpJacky IckxTeam Lotus0 (not classified)72
20gb.webpTom PryceToken0 (not classified)66
21  3ar.webpCarlos ReutemannBrabham0 (not classified)62
22 -17se.webpRonnie PetersonTeam Lotus0 (not classified)56
23 -12fr.webpPatrick DepaillerTyrrell0 (not classified)53
24  2de.webpJochen MassSurtees0 (not classified)53
25  3fr.webpGerard LarrousseBrabham0 (not classified)53
26 -18br.webpCarlos PaceSurtees0 (not classified)50
27 -5li.webpRikky von OpelBrabham0 (not classified)49
28 -19gb.webpJames HuntHesketh0 (not classified)45
29 -23it.webpArturo MerzarioIso Marlboro0 (not classified)29
30 -15fr.webpHenri PescaroloBRM0 (not classified)12
31 -21de.webpHans Joachim StuckMarch0 (not classified)6
Fastest lap by Denny Hulme (McLaren)

Fastest laps - Grandprix of Belgium - 1974*

1nz.webpDenny HulmeMcLaren-370
*Only fastest lap of grand prix data available.

Starting grid - Grandprix of Belgium - 1974

Grandprix of Belgium - location: Nivelles - circuit: Nivelles-Baulers Circuit
This views shows the results of a specific Formula 1 grand prix.
  • (not classified) means that the driver did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
  • Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result based on that points scoring system.
  • Laps indicate amount of completed laps.
  • The qualifying results are defined as the start grid. The reason behind this is that pole-position is defined by the grid and not the qualifying result (so this included possible potential).

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