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Grandprix results of Indianapolis 500 - 1955

Pos DriverTeamPointsLaps
1  13Bob SweikertKurtis Kraft25200
2Tony BettenhausenKurtis Kraft9 (split points by 2)200
2  33Paul RussoKurtis Kraft9 (split points by 2)200
3  7Jimmy DaviesKurtis Kraft15200
4  29Johnny ThomsonKuzma12200
5  2Walt FaulknerKurtis Kraft5 (split points by 2)200
5  29Bill HomeierKurtis Kraft5 (split points by 2)200
6  2Andy LindenKurtis Kraft8200
7  9Al HermanKurtis Kraft6200
8  11Pat O\'ConnorKurtis Kraft4200
9  8Jimmy DaywaltKurtis Kraft2200
10  2Pat FlahertyKurtis Kraft1200
11  7Duane CarterKuzma0197
12  13Chuck WeyantKurtis Kraft0196
13  19Eddie JohnsonTrevis0196
14  6Jim RathmannEpperly0191
15  6Don FreelandPhillips0 (not classified)178
16 -7Cal NidayKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)170
17  7Art CrossKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)168
18  13Shorty TemplemanTrevis0 (not classified)142
19 -13Sam HanksKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)134
20  8Keith AndrewsSchroeder0 (not classified)120
21  6Johnnie ParsonsKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)119
22 -9Eddie RussoPawl0 (not classified)112
23Ray CrawfordKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)111
24 -13Jimmy BryanKuzma0 (not classified)90
25 -20Bill VukovichKurtis Kraft0 (not classified) (no points for fastest lap. Pos > 10)56
26 -23Jack McGrathKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)54
27 -5Al KellerKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)54
28 -2Johnny BoydKuzma0 (not classified)53
29Ed ElisianKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)53
30Rodger WardKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)53
31 -30Jerry HoytStevens0 (not classified)40
32 -28Fred AgabashianKurtis Kraft0 (not classified)39
33 -18Jimmy ReecePankratz0 (not classified)10
Fastest lap by Bill Vukovich (Kurtis Kraft)

Fastest laps - Grandprix of Indianapolis 500 - 1955*

1Bill VukovichKurtis Kraft-270
*Only fastest lap of grand prix data available.

Starting grid - Grandprix of Indianapolis 500 - 1955

Grandprix of Indianapolis 500 - location: Indianapolis - circuit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
This views shows the results of a specific Formula 1 grand prix.
  • (not classified) means that the driver did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
  • Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result based on that points scoring system.
  • Laps indicate amount of completed laps.
  • The qualifying results are defined as the start grid. The reason behind this is that pole-position is defined by the grid and not the qualifying result (so this included possible potential).

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