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Grandprix results of United States - 2015

Lewis Hamilton became champion at this GP under the selected PSS.
Pos DriverTeamPointsLaps
1  1gb.webpLewis HamiltonMercedes2556
2 -1de.webpNico RosbergMercedes19 (+ fastest lap)56
3  10de.webpSebastian VettelFerrari1556
4  4nl.webpMax VerstappenRacing Bulls1256
5mx.webpSergio PerezForce India1056
6  5gb.webpJenson ButtonMcLaren856
7  13es.webpCarlos SainzRacing Bulls656
8  4ve.webpPastor MaldonadoLotus F1456
9  6br.webpFelipe NasrSauber256
10 -7au.webpDaniel RicciardoRed Bull156
11 -2es.webpFernando AlonsoMcLaren056
12  5us.webpAlexander RossiMarussia056
13 -9ru.webpDaniil KvyatRed Bull0 (not classified)41
14 -8de.webpNico HulkenbergForce India0 (not classified)35
15 -1se.webpMarcus EricssonSauber0 (not classified)25
16  2fi.webpKimi RäikkönenFerrari0 (not classified)25
17 -10br.webpFelipe MassaWilliams0 (not classified)23
18 -8fr.webpRomain GrosjeanLotus F10 (not classified)10
19 -3fi.webpValtteri BottasWilliams0 (not classified)5
20 -1gb.webpWill StevensMarussia0 (not classified)1
Fastest lap by Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) in 1;40.666 (on lap 49 @ 197.15 KPH)

Fastest laps - Grandprix of United States - 2015

1de.webpNico RosbergMercedes1:40.66649197.154
2gb.webpLewis HamiltonMercedes1:40.73848197.014
3de.webpSebastian VettelFerrari1:41.33052195.863
4au.webpDaniel RicciardoRed Bull1:41.98053194.614
5es.webpCarlos SainzRacing Bulls1:42.66051193.325
6ve.webpPastor MaldonadoLotus F11:42.84951192.97
7mx.webpSergio PerezForce India1:43.01054192.668
8gb.webpJenson ButtonMcLaren1:43.02650192.638
9nl.webpMax VerstappenRacing Bulls1:43.17251192.366
10ru.webpDaniil KvyatRed Bull1:43.72841191.335
11es.webpFernando AlonsoMcLaren1:44.32355190.243
12br.webpFelipe NasrSauber1:44.40754190.09
13de.webpNico HulkenbergForce India1:45.09524188.846
14fi.webpKimi RäikkönenFerrari1:46.18624186.905
15se.webpMarcus EricssonSauber1:47.38124184.825
16us.webpAlexander RossiMarussia1:48.17350183.472
17br.webpFelipe MassaWilliams1:48.23122183.374
18fr.webpRomain GrosjeanLotus F11:59.6128165.926
19fi.webpValtteri BottasWilliams2:31.9393130.623

Starting grid - Grandprix of United States - 2015

Grandprix of United States - location: Austin - circuit: Circuit of the Americas
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  • (not classified) means that the driver did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
  • Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result based on that points scoring system.
  • Laps indicate amount of completed laps.
  • The qualifying results are defined as the start grid. The reason behind this is that pole-position is defined by the grid and not the qualifying result (so this included possible potential).

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