The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.
Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps870.0472.636
Pole positions1260.0683.818
Total grand prix1844-55.9

Driver points for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Total points    % of nation points    Total GPs
1br.webpRubens Barrichello190620.6%322
2br.webpAyrton Senna1874.520.2%161
3br.webpNelson Piquet170018.4%203
4br.webpFelipe Massa169618.3%269
5br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi99910.8%144
6br.webpCarlos Pace2622.8%72
7br.webpPedro Diniz1241.3%98
8br.webpMauricio Gugelmin1201.3%74
9br.webpChristian Fittipaldi1001.1%40
10br.webpRoberto Moreno820.9%42
11br.webpNelsinho Piquet500.5%28
12br.webpRicardo Zonta490.5%36
13br.webpCristiano da Matta450.5%28
14br.webpWilson Fittipaldi380.4%35
15br.webpBruno Senna330.4%46
16br.webpChico Serra320.3%18
17br.webpFelipe Nasr290.3%39
18br.webpAntonio Pizzonia290.3%20
19br.webpHermano da Silva Ramos180.2%7
20br.webpRaul Boesel160.2%23
21br.webpRicardo Rosset120.1%26
22br.webpChico Landi110.1%6
23br.webpLuciano Burti100.1%14
24br.webpAlex Ribeiro80.1%10
25br.webpEnrique Bernoldi70.1%28
26br.webpIngo Hoffman60.1%3
27br.webpTarso Marques50.1%24
28br.webpFritz d'Orey10%3
29br.webpPietro Fittipaldi00%2
30br.webpLucas di Grassi00%18
31br.webpGino Bianco00%4
32br.webpLuiz Bueno00%1
Champions for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Championships    Championships %
1br.webpNelson Piquet338%
1br.webpAyrton Senna338%
3br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi225%

Wins for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Wins    Wins %
1br.webpAyrton Senna4140.6%
2br.webpNelson Piquet2322.8%
3br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi1413.9%
4br.webpFelipe Massa1110.9%
4br.webpRubens Barrichello1110.9%
6br.webpCarlos Pace11%

Poles for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Poles    Poles %
1br.webpAyrton Senna6551.6%
2br.webpNelson Piquet2419%
3br.webpFelipe Massa1612.7%
4br.webpRubens Barrichello1411.1%
5br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi64.8%
6br.webpCarlos Pace10.8%

Points per season for Brazil
    Nr    Season    Points    Drivers
119510Chico Landi
219525Chico Landi, Gino Bianco
319530Chico Landi
419554Hermano da Silva Ramos
5195620Hermano da Silva Ramos, Chico Landi
619591Fritz d'Orey
7197041Emerson Fittipaldi
8197168Emerson Fittipaldi
91972214Wilson Fittipaldi, Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi
101973239Luiz Bueno, Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi, Wilson Fittipaldi
111974230Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi
121975232Emerson Fittipaldi, Wilson Fittipaldi, Carlos Pace
13197677Ingo Hoffman, Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi, Alex Ribeiro
14197779Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi, Alex Ribeiro, Ingo Hoffman
15197884Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet
16197957Nelson Piquet, Emerson Fittipaldi
171980200Nelson Piquet, Emerson Fittipaldi
181981173Nelson Piquet, Chico Serra
19198285Raul Boesel, Chico Serra, Nelson Piquet
201983209Raul Boesel, Chico Serra, Nelson Piquet
211984162Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna
221985205Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet
231986397Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet
241987433Nelson Piquet, Roberto Moreno, Ayrton Senna
251988415Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Mauricio Gugelmin
261989272Ayrton Senna, Roberto Moreno, Mauricio Gugelmin, Nelson Piquet
271990442Ayrton Senna, Roberto Moreno, Mauricio Gugelmin, Nelson Piquet
281991457.5Mauricio Gugelmin, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Roberto Moreno
291992172Ayrton Senna, Roberto Moreno, Christian Fittipaldi, Mauricio Gugelmin
301993272Ayrton Senna, Christian Fittipaldi, Rubens Barrichello
311994123Christian Fittipaldi, Rubens Barrichello, Ayrton Senna
32199568Roberto Moreno, Pedro Diniz, Rubens Barrichello
331996110Pedro Diniz, Rubens Barrichello, Tarso Marques, Ricardo Rosset
34199740Rubens Barrichello, Tarso Marques, Pedro Diniz
35199847Pedro Diniz, Ricardo Rosset, Rubens Barrichello
361999128Pedro Diniz, Ricardo Zonta, Rubens Barrichello
372000264Ricardo Zonta, Rubens Barrichello, Luciano Burti, Pedro Diniz
382001222Rubens Barrichello, Tarso Marques, Enrique Bernoldi, Luciano Burti, Ricardo Zonta
392002274Felipe Massa, Enrique Bernoldi, Rubens Barrichello
402003204Antonio Pizzonia, Rubens Barrichello, Cristiano da Matta
412004347Rubens Barrichello, Cristiano da Matta, Ricardo Zonta, Felipe Massa, Antonio Pizzonia
422005149Felipe Massa, Antonio Pizzonia, Rubens Barrichello
432006285Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello
442007240Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa
452008321Rubens Barrichello, Nelsinho Piquet, Felipe Massa
462009251Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello, Nelsinho Piquet
472010191Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello, Lucas di Grassi, Bruno Senna
482011126Rubens Barrichello, Bruno Senna, Felipe Massa
492012153Bruno Senna, Felipe Massa
502013112Felipe Massa
512014116Felipe Massa
522015148Felipe Nasr, Felipe Massa
53201655Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr
54201743Felipe Massa
5520200Pietro Fittipaldi

Podiums for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Podiums    Podiums %
1br.webpAyrton Senna8027.3%
2br.webpRubens Barrichello6823.2%
3br.webpNelson Piquet6020.5%
4br.webpFelipe Massa4114%
5br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi3511.9%
6br.webpCarlos Pace62%
7br.webpMauricio Gugelmin10.3%
7br.webpNelsinho Piquet10.3%
7br.webpRoberto Moreno10.3%

Fastest laps for Brazil
    Nr    Driver    Fastest laps    Fastest laps %
1br.webpNelson Piquet2225.3%
2br.webpAyrton Senna1921.8%
3br.webpRubens Barrichello1719.5%
4br.webpFelipe Massa1517.2%
5br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi66.9%
6br.webpCarlos Pace55.7%
7br.webpRoberto Moreno11.1%
7br.webpBruno Senna11.1%
7br.webpMauricio Gugelmin11.1%

Location of Brazil
The nation overview shows statistics based on the drivers who are from the selected nation.
  • On top the nation / country statistics for all time and based on all drivers are provided. Detaiing total points, wins, podiums, fastest laps and grand prix.
  • The pie chart provides the overview of the contribution of total points for all drivers of this nation.
  • The table below shows the points they have achieved in their career and the percentage of points achieved of the total nation points.
  • Next the overview of F1 champions, wins, podiums and fastest laps are provided.
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