The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.
Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps140.0371.4
Pole positions60.0160.6
Total grand prix378-37.8

Driver points for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Total points    % of nation points    Total GPs
1nz.webpDenny Hulme94743.3%112
2nz.webpBruce McLaren756.534.6%100
3nz.webpChris Amon39518%96
4nz.webpHowden Ganley843.8%35
5nz.webpBrendon Hartley40.2%25
6nz.webpLiam Lawson20.1%5
7nz.webpMike Thackwell00%2
8nz.webpGraham McRae00%1
9nz.webpTony Shelly00%1
10nz.webpJohn Nicholson00%1
Champions for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Championships    Championships %
1nz.webpDenny Hulme1100%

Wins for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Wins    Wins %
1nz.webpDenny Hulme866.7%
2nz.webpBruce McLaren433.3%

Poles for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Poles    Poles %
1nz.webpChris Amon583.3%
2nz.webpDenny Hulme116.7%

Points per season for New Zealand

Podiums for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Podiums    Podiums %
1nz.webpDenny Hulme3346.5%
2nz.webpBruce McLaren2738%
3nz.webpChris Amon1115.5%

Fastest laps for New Zealand
    Nr    Driver    Fastest laps    Fastest laps %
1nz.webpDenny Hulme857.1%
2nz.webpChris Amon321.4%
2nz.webpBruce McLaren321.4%

Location of New Zealand
The nation overview shows statistics based on the drivers who are from the selected nation.
  • On top the nation / country statistics for all time and based on all drivers are provided. Detaiing total points, wins, podiums, fastest laps and grand prix.
  • The pie chart provides the overview of the contribution of total points for all drivers of this nation.
  • The table below shows the points they have achieved in their career and the percentage of points achieved of the total nation points.
  • Next the overview of F1 champions, wins, podiums and fastest laps are provided.
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