Which country has the most average points per GP in F1?

The formula 1 nations section provides the nations perspective on points and other statistics. It represents the sum of all drivers from that nation in formula 1 history. This view shows the average F1 points per grand Prix for each nation (for the total number of F1 grand prix driven by that nation).
    Nr    Flag    Nation    Average points    Total Grand Prix    Total points    Driver with most points
01Colombia7.29115838Juan Pablo Montoya
02Monaco7.25134972Charles Leclerc
03Argentina7.093392402.9Carlos Reutemann
04Finland6.5411147286Kimi Räikkönen
05Germany5.98227413596.7Michael Schumacher
06New Zealand5.863732186.5Denny Hulme
07United Kingdom5.65413923367.8Lewis Hamilton
08Australia5.557994433.3Mark Webber
09South Africa5.511901047Jody Scheckter
10Austria5.376643562.5Gerhard Berger
11The Netherlands5.364542435.5Max Verstappen
12Spain5.188024152Fernando Alonso
13Brazil5.0218449262.5Rubens Barrichello
14Poland4.9599490Robert Kubica
15Mexico4.224091725Sergio Perez
16France3.82283710840Alain Prost
17United States3.6111924308.3Mario Andretti
18Switzerland3.534441566.5Clay Regazzoni
19Sweden3.514691648Ronnie Peterson
20Belgium3.375001686Jacky Ickx
21Canada3.364511517Jacques Villeneuve
22Thailand3.0585259Alexander Albon
23Italy2.8529968530.2Riccardo Patrese
24Republic of Rhodesia2.431434John Love
25Ireland1.8467123Derek Daly
26Russia1.28209268Daniil Kvyat
27Japan1.2604727Satoru Nakajima
28Denmark1.16179208Kevin Magnussen
29Chile0.922422Eliseo Salazar
30Uruguay0.854Alberto Uria
31Venezuela0.7611487Pastor Maldonado
32Portugal0.637346Tiago Monteiro
33Malaysia0.47157Alex Yoong
34Liechtenstein0.4104Rikky von Opel
35Hungary0.35207Zsolt Baumgartner
36China0.342910Zhou Guanyu
37India0.215712Narain Karthikeyan
38Czech Republic030Tomas Enge
39Morroco010Robert La Caze
40Indonesia0120Rio Haryanto
The nations average points overview shows the ranked list of all nations and the average points / Grand Prix. Total Grand Prix driven for that nation (total of all drivers). It also provides the driver with the most points for a nation.
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