Who is the best F1 driver of all time?

Who is the best F1 driver or GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) as it sometimes is referred to? An impossible question to answer objectively. The F1 career performance section provides different insights into the comparison of the greatest F1 drivers from the start of their career based on points and their wins vs poles achievements. In this section all drivers are plotted against each other from their first to last GP. Use the top menu options to set the starting GP or compare drivers who drove in a specifc era. If you want to compare a non-listed driver, go to the performance compare driver view. If you want to compare two drivers in more detail, go to the head-to-head section.

In the career performance points view, drivers are compared based on points, from the starting point of their career.
  • The top drivers based on all time points and the highest average points / grand prix are displayed.
  • You can change the displayed range by using the slider below the graph.
  • You can also set the start GP by using the range from the menu. All drivers will be shown starting from the selected GP, so any results before that point are discarded. This allows you to compare drivers in a later part of their career.
  • In the era menu you can select a specific decade; only drivers who drove one or more GP in the time-period are shown.

Note: for the average points view only drivers with 10 or more GPs are included.
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