Who has the best wins-to-poles and poles-to-wins ratio?

Who is the best F1 driver or GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) as it sometimes is referred to? An impossible question to answer objectively. The F1 career performance section provides different insights into the comparison of the greatest F1 drivers from the start of their career based on points and their wins vs poles achievements. In this section you will find the ratio between wins vs poles and poles vs wins of all F1 drivers. For the per grand prix view go to the pole to win per GP view.
    Nr    Driver    Win-pole ratio    Wins    Poles    Pole-win ratio    Total GPs
1Denny Hulme800%8112.5%112
2Jody Scheckter333.3%10330%112
3Gilles Villeneuve300%6233.3%67
3Tony Brooks300%6233.3%38
3Thierry Boutsen300%3133.3%163
6Daniel Ricciardo266.7%8337.5%234
7Michele Alboreto250%5240%194
7John Watson250%5240%152
9Emerson Fittipaldi233.3%14642.9%144
10Carlos Reutemann200%12650%146
10Alan Jones200%12650%116
10Sergio Perez200%6350%251
10Patrick Depailler200%2150%95
10Peter Revson200%2150%30
10Wolfgang von Trips200%2150%27
10Bill Vukovich200%2150%5
17Jenson Button187.5%15853.3%306
18Max Verstappen165.5%482960.4%179
19Jackie Stewart158.8%271763%99
20Alain Prost154.5%513364.7%199
21Heinz-Harald Frentzen150%3266.7%156
22Fernando Alonso145.5%322268.8%371
23Michael Schumacher133.8%916874.7%306
24Dan Gurney133.3%4375%86
25Kimi Räikkönen116.7%211885.7%349
26Damon Hill110%222090.9%115
27David Coulthard108.3%131292.3%246
28Graham Hill107.7%141392.9%177
28Jack Brabham107.7%141392.9%125
30Niki Lauda104.2%252496%171
31Stirling Moss100%1616100%66
31Ralf Schumacher100%66100%180
31Clay Regazzoni100%55100%132
31Keke Rosberg100%55100%114
31Giuseppe Farina100%55100%34
31Jo Siffert100%22100%96
31Heikki Kovalainen100%11100%111
31Jo Bonnier100%11100%104
31Robert Kubica100%11100%99
31George Russell100%11100%98
31Pastor Maldonado100%11100%95
31Vittorio Brambilla100%11100%74
31Carlos Pace100%11100%72
31Lorenzo Bandini100%11100%42
31Pat Flaherty100%11100%6
46Lewis Hamilton99%103104101%326
47Nigel Mansell96.9%3132103.2%186
48Nelson Piquet95.8%2324104.3%203
49Sebastian Vettel93%5357107.5%299
50Alberto Ascari92.9%1314107.7%32
51Jacques Laffite85.7%67116.7%176
52Jacques Villeneuve84.6%1113118.2%163
53Gerhard Berger83.3%1012120%210
54Juan Manuel Fangio82.8%2429120.8%51
55Rubens Barrichello78.6%1114127.3%322
56Mika Hakkinen76.9%2026130%161
57Nico Rosberg76.7%2330130.4%206
58Jim Clark75.8%2533132%72
59Riccardo Patrese75%68133.3%256
59John Surtees75%68133.3%111
59Giancarlo Fisichella75%34133.3%229
59Didier Pironi75%34133.3%70
59Mike Hawthorn75%34133.3%45
64Ronnie Peterson71.4%1014140%123
64James Hunt71.4%1014140%92
66Mark Webber69.2%913144.4%215
67Felipe Massa68.8%1116145.5%269
68Mario Andretti66.7%1218150%128
68Elio de Angelis66.7%23150%108
68Jose Froilan Gonzalez66.7%23150%26
71Ayrton Senna63.1%4165158.5%161
72Jacky Ickx61.5%813162.5%114
73Jochen Rindt60%610166.7%60
74Juan Pablo Montoya53.8%713185.7%94
75Valtteri Bottas50%1020200%216
75Phil Hill50%36200%48
75Jean Alesi50%12200%201
78Carlos Sainz40%25250%179
78Patrick Tambay40%25250%114
80Rene Arnoux38.9%718257.1%149
81Jean Pierre Jabouille33.3%26300%49
82Charles Leclerc25%520400%119
82Jarno Trulli25%14400%252
    Nr    Driver    Pole-win ratio    Poles    Wins    Win-pole ratio    Total GPs
1Charles Leclerc400%20525%119
1Jarno Trulli400%4125%252
3Jean Pierre Jabouille300%6233.3%49
4Rene Arnoux257.1%18738.9%149
5Carlos Sainz250%5240%179
5Patrick Tambay250%5240%114
7Valtteri Bottas200%201050%216
7Phil Hill200%6350%48
7Jean Alesi200%2150%201
10Juan Pablo Montoya185.7%13753.8%94
11Jochen Rindt166.7%10660%60
12Jacky Ickx162.5%13861.5%114
13Ayrton Senna158.5%654163.1%161
14Mario Andretti150%181266.7%128
14Elio de Angelis150%3266.7%108
14Jose Froilan Gonzalez150%3266.7%26
17Felipe Massa145.5%161168.8%269
18Mark Webber144.4%13969.2%215
19Ronnie Peterson140%141071.4%123
19James Hunt140%141071.4%92
21Riccardo Patrese133.3%8675%256
21John Surtees133.3%8675%111
21Giancarlo Fisichella133.3%4375%229
21Didier Pironi133.3%4375%70
21Mike Hawthorn133.3%4375%45
26Jim Clark132%332575.8%72
27Nico Rosberg130.4%302376.7%206
28Mika Hakkinen130%262076.9%161
29Rubens Barrichello127.3%141178.6%322
30Juan Manuel Fangio120.8%292482.8%51
31Gerhard Berger120%121083.3%210
32Jacques Villeneuve118.2%131184.6%163
33Jacques Laffite116.7%7685.7%176
34Alberto Ascari107.7%141392.9%32
35Sebastian Vettel107.5%575393%299
36Nelson Piquet104.3%242395.8%203
37Nigel Mansell103.2%323196.9%186
38Lewis Hamilton101%10410399%326
39Stirling Moss100%1616100%66
39Ralf Schumacher100%66100%180
39Clay Regazzoni100%55100%132
39Keke Rosberg100%55100%114
39Giuseppe Farina100%55100%34
39Jo Siffert100%22100%96
39Heikki Kovalainen100%11100%111
39Jo Bonnier100%11100%104
39Robert Kubica100%11100%99
39George Russell100%11100%98
39Pastor Maldonado100%11100%95
39Vittorio Brambilla100%11100%74
39Carlos Pace100%11100%72
39Lorenzo Bandini100%11100%42
39Pat Flaherty100%11100%6
54Niki Lauda96%2425104.2%171
55Graham Hill92.9%1314107.7%177
55Jack Brabham92.9%1314107.7%125
57David Coulthard92.3%1213108.3%246
58Damon Hill90.9%2022110%115
59Kimi Räikkönen85.7%1821116.7%349
60Dan Gurney75%34133.3%86
61Michael Schumacher74.7%6891133.8%306
62Fernando Alonso68.8%2232145.5%371
63Heinz-Harald Frentzen66.7%23150%156
64Alain Prost64.7%3351154.5%199
65Jackie Stewart63%1727158.8%99
66Max Verstappen60.4%2948165.5%179
67Jenson Button53.3%815187.5%306
68Carlos Reutemann50%612200%146
68Alan Jones50%612200%116
68Sergio Perez50%36200%251
68Patrick Depailler50%12200%95
68Peter Revson50%12200%30
68Wolfgang von Trips50%12200%27
68Bill Vukovich50%12200%5
75Emerson Fittipaldi42.9%614233.3%144
76Michele Alboreto40%25250%194
76John Watson40%25250%152
78Daniel Ricciardo37.5%38266.7%234
79Gilles Villeneuve33.3%26300%67
79Tony Brooks33.3%26300%38
79Thierry Boutsen33.3%13300%163
82Jody Scheckter30%310333.3%112
83Denny Hulme12.5%18800%112
In the wins vs poles ratios view, drivers are compared based on the ratios between wins and poles. Use the switch in the top left to switch between the views. This view provides insights in performance of drivers in their ability to drive for the win (win-to-pole) or be blindingly fast over one lap, but lack or have the misfortune not to convert them in to wins.
  • Wins vs poles: total number of wins divided by total number of poles
  • Poles vs wins: total number of poles divided by total number of wins

Notes: drivers with only wins or only poles are not included in this list in the base list, but are listed seperately for reference. No other restrictions are applied in terms of number of wins, poles or GP.
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