The team / constructor section provides the all time F1 points for the selected point scoring system. It shows the life time statistics and race results achieved in all grand prix. It also provides a breakdown of all grand prix results and the statistics for each driver that has performed for the team. Below you will find the F1 statistics for constructor Ensign in full.
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Ensign - F1 constructor
Grand prix starts (as a team): 99
Driver grand prix starts (for the team): 110
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Fastest laps: 1
Poles: 0
Nationality: British
Wikipedia: Ensign

All time team rank for Ensign per points scoring system
*click rank or points for life time GP breakdown of Ensign.

Life time stats for Ensign

Total GPs110
Average wins / GP0
Average podiums / GP0
Fastest laps1
Best position in a grand prix4
Team in current seasonno
First season of team1973
Last season of team1982
Number of seasons in formula 1 10
Best position in season (based on PSS)9 (1977)
Worst position in season (based on PSS)17 (1974)

Overview of F1 drivers who competed for Ensign - driver career overview

    Driver    Points    Seasons    Wins    Podiums    Fastest laps    GPs    Points / GP
ch.webpClay Regazzoni442000192.32
fr.webpPatrick Tambay28100074
ch.webpMarc Surer23200173.29
nz.webpChris Amon142000101.4
ie.webpDerek Daly13200091.44
nl.webpGijs Van Lennep9100033
cl.webpEliseo Salazar8100081
co.webpRoberto Guerrero4100080.5
be.webpJacky Ickx2300080.25
us.webpBrett Lunger0100010
us.webpDanny Ongais0100020
gb.webpGeoff Lees0100010
at.webpHans Binder0100010
at.webpHarald Ertl0100020
nl.webpJan Lammers0100030
it.webpLamberto Leoni0100010
gb.webpMike Wilds0100010
br.webpNelson Piquet0100010
fr.webpPatrick Gaillard0100020
be.webpPatrick Neve0100010
li.webpRikky von Opel0100060
nl.webpRoelof Wunderink0100030
gb.webpTiff Needell0100010
au.webpVern Schuppan0100050

Overview of F1 drivers who competed for Ensign - points per season

DriverSeasons (points)
us.webpBrett Lunger1x - 1978 (0)
nz.webpChris Amon2x - 1975 (0), 1976 (14)
ch.webpClay Regazzoni2x - 1977 (42), 1980 (2)
us.webpDanny Ongais1x - 1978 (0)
ie.webpDerek Daly2x - 1978 (13), 1979 (0)
cl.webpEliseo Salazar1x - 1981 (8)
gb.webpGeoff Lees1x - 1980 (0)
nl.webpGijs Van Lennep1x - 1975 (9)
at.webpHans Binder1x - 1976 (0)
at.webpHarald Ertl1x - 1978 (0)
be.webpJacky Ickx3x - 1976 (1), 1977 (1), 1978 (0)
nl.webpJan Lammers1x - 1980 (0)
it.webpLamberto Leoni1x - 1978 (0)
ch.webpMarc Surer2x - 1979 (0), 1981 (23)
gb.webpMike Wilds1x - 1974 (0)
br.webpNelson Piquet1x - 1978 (0)
fr.webpPatrick Gaillard1x - 1979 (0)
be.webpPatrick Neve1x - 1976 (0)
fr.webpPatrick Tambay1x - 1977 (28)
li.webpRikky von Opel1x - 1973 (0)
co.webpRoberto Guerrero1x - 1982 (4)
nl.webpRoelof Wunderink1x - 1975 (0)
gb.webpTiff Needell1x - 1980 (0)
au.webpVern Schuppan1x - 1974 (0)

Fastest laps for Ensign
119811x - Brazil
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