The team / constructor section provides the all time F1 points for the selected point scoring system. It shows the life time statistics and race results achieved in all grand prix. It also provides a breakdown of all grand prix results and the statistics for each driver that has performed for the team. Below you will find the F1 statistics for constructor Mercedes in full.
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Mercedes - F1 constructor
Grand prix starts (as a team): 271
Driver grand prix starts (for the team): 557
Wins: 125
Podiums: 281
Fastest laps: 100
Poles: 136
Nationality: German
Wikipedia: Mercedes

All time team rank for Mercedes per points scoring system
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Life time stats for Mercedes

Total GPs557
Average wins / GP0.22
Average podiums / GP0.5
Fastest laps100
Best position in a grand prix1
Team in current seasonyes
First season of team1954
Last season of team2022
Number of seasons in formula 1 15
Best position in season (based on PSS)1 (1955,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021)
Worst position in season (based on PSS)5 (2012)

Overview of F1 drivers who competed for Mercedes - driver career overview

    Driver    Points    Seasons    Wins    Podiums    Fastest laps    GPs    Points / GP
Lewis Hamilton3509.510821424920017.55
Nico Rosberg1537723551813611.3
Valtteri Bottas1350510581810113.37
George Russell27821852312.09
Juan Manuel Fangio248.14281051220.68
Michael Schumacher1983011583.41
Stirling Moss681132611.33
Karl Kling662021116
Hans Herrmann31201165.17
Piero Taruffi301010215
Andre Simon0100010
Hermann Lang0100010

Overview of F1 drivers who competed for Mercedes - points per season

DriverSeasons (points)
Andre Simon1x - 1955 (0)
George Russell2x - 2020 (3), 2022 (275)
Hans Herrmann2x - 1954 (27), 1955 (4)
Hermann Lang1x - 1954 (0)
Juan Manuel Fangio2x - 1954 (128.14), 1955 (120)
Karl Kling2x - 1954 (47), 1955 (19)
Lewis Hamilton10x - 2013 (190), 2014 (366), 2015 (389), 2016 (383), 2017 (370), 2018 (411), 2019 (413), 2020 (347), 2021 (400.5), 2022 (240)
Michael Schumacher3x - 2010 (72), 2011 (76), 2012 (50)
Nico Rosberg7x - 2010 (142), 2011 (89), 2012 (95), 2013 (171), 2014 (322), 2015 (327), 2016 (391)
Piero Taruffi1x - 1955 (30)
Stirling Moss1x - 1955 (68)
Valtteri Bottas5x - 2017 (307), 2018 (253), 2019 (326), 2020 (223), 2021 (241)

Wins for Mercedes

1-2 finishes for Mercedes

Fastest laps for Mercedes

Poles for Mercedes
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