Who is the strongest teammate in F1?

The team mate battles view allows you to see how F1 drivers compare verus (all) of their teammates.

The first objective of any driver is to beat his teammate. Therefore the 'teammate' provides an interesting yardstick to gauge driver performance. Note that below results cannot be taken in absolute terms, since (naturally) the strength of a respective team mate weighs heavily in this comparison. And in addition, while current teams are allowed 2 drivers, back in the day one team could field a multitude of drivers for the same GP. So a driver would have more competition to get a good result. And on the flipside, in below statistic, is rewarded more heavily in the process for outperforming his teammates.

The statistics below show the full career results for each driver. To view drivers from a specific season only, select one from the menu above. It will still use the career data. To see the teambattle-performance for one season only, go to the season view.

Final note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here (though all results are used in calculation). This view is based on points achieved versus every teammate in every GP.
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points more vs team mates
1ar.webpJuan Manuel Fangio10.4419247512005.14
2nz.webpBruce McLaren5.38282671001518.17
3au.webpJack Brabham4.28413961251767.67
4gb.webpMike Hawthorn4.231484345626.07
5us.webpJohnny Boyd4.0470426283
6us.webpJimmy Bryan3.8245359172
7us.webpJim Rathmann3.021096211329.33
8gb.webpStirling Moss2.962587866762.86
9us.webpPhil Hill2.811213648340.17
10us.webpPaul Russo2.31144688332.33
11gb.webpGraham Hill2.0128849177579
12fr.webpJean Behra1.542055753315.5
13it.webpLuigi Musso1.361053725142.5
14us.webpJimmy Reece0.954440642
15gb.webpTony Brooks0.73102293874.17
16us.webpJohnnie Parsons0.5118179992.33
17es.webpPaco Godia0.2289331320
18fr.webpMaurice Trintignant0.09315848329.21
19us.webpEddie Johnson-0.0682569-4.67
20gb.webpPeter Collins-0.261003132-26
21de.webpWolfgang von Trips-0.45802527-35.83
22us.webpRodger Ward-0.641116212-70.67
23us.webpTony Bettenhausen-0.711236311-87
23gb.webpRoy Salvadori-0.711866746-132.14
25us.webpHarry Schell-0.952015658-191.64
26ar.webpCarlos Menditeguy-1.25572810-71
27us.webpDon Freeland-1.3639328-53
28us.webpTroy Ruttman-1.3878618-108
29us.webpJohnny Thomson-1.5655438-85.67
30us.webpCarroll Shelby-1.620128-32
31gb.webpRon Flockhart-1.63493113-79.64
32be.webpOlivier Gendebien-1.65763814-125.33
33us.webpMasten Gregory-1.662016638-334.5
34it.webpGerino Gerini-1.8832236-60
35gb.webpCliff Allison-1.99351616-69.5
36it.webpGiorgio Scarlatti-2.03583512-118
37se.webpJo Bonnier-2.1132472104-683.5
38de.webpWolfgang Seidel-2.26533610-120
39gb.webpJack Fairman-2.32583812-134.5
40nl.webpCarel Godin de Beaufort-2.9401527-116
41gb.webpIan Burgess-3.881074416-415.5
42gb.webpHorace Gould-3.95852814-336
43gb.webpBrian Naylor-4.0521166-85
44gb.webpStuart Lewis-Evans-4.2825614-107
45de.webpHans Herrmann-4.36523217-226.5
46gb.webpAlan Stacey-5.471587-82
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points vs team mates
1gb.webpAlan Stacey-5.471587-82
2de.webpHans Herrmann-4.36523217-226.5
3gb.webpStuart Lewis-Evans-4.2825614-107
4gb.webpBrian Naylor-4.0521166-85
5gb.webpHorace Gould-3.95852814-336
6gb.webpIan Burgess-3.881074416-415.5
7nl.webpCarel Godin de Beaufort-2.9401527-116
8gb.webpJack Fairman-2.32583812-134.5
9de.webpWolfgang Seidel-2.26533610-120
10se.webpJo Bonnier-2.1132472104-683.5
11it.webpGiorgio Scarlatti-2.03583512-118
12gb.webpCliff Allison-1.99351616-69.5
13it.webpGerino Gerini-1.8832236-60
14us.webpMasten Gregory-1.662016638-334.5
15be.webpOlivier Gendebien-1.65763814-125.33
16gb.webpRon Flockhart-1.63493113-79.64
17us.webpCarroll Shelby-1.620128-32
18us.webpJohnny Thomson-1.5655438-85.67
19us.webpTroy Ruttman-1.3878618-108
20us.webpDon Freeland-1.3639328-53
21ar.webpCarlos Menditeguy-1.25572810-71
22us.webpHarry Schell-0.952015658-191.64
23gb.webpRoy Salvadori-0.711866746-132.14
24us.webpTony Bettenhausen-0.711236311-87
25us.webpRodger Ward-0.641116212-70.67
26de.webpWolfgang von Trips-0.45802527-35.83
27gb.webpPeter Collins-0.261003132-26
28us.webpEddie Johnson-0.0682569-4.67
29fr.webpMaurice Trintignant0.09315848329.21
30es.webpPaco Godia0.2289331320
31us.webpJohnnie Parsons0.5118179992.33
32gb.webpTony Brooks0.73102293874.17
33us.webpJimmy Reece0.954440642
34it.webpLuigi Musso1.361053725142.5
35fr.webpJean Behra1.542055753315.5
36gb.webpGraham Hill2.0128849177579
37us.webpPaul Russo2.31144688332.33
38us.webpPhil Hill2.811213648340.17
39gb.webpStirling Moss2.962587866762.86
40us.webpJim Rathmann3.021096211329.33
41us.webpJimmy Bryan3.8245359172
42us.webpJohnny Boyd4.0470426283
43gb.webpMike Hawthorn4.231484345626.07
44au.webpJack Brabham4.28413961251767.67
45nz.webpBruce McLaren5.38282671001518.17
46ar.webpJuan Manuel Fangio10.4419247512005.14
In the team battle view drivers are compared based on their individual performance against all of their teammates based on points.
  • Drivers are ranked based on the average points / team battle.
  • You can select the switch on top to sort the list based on most or least average points.
  • You can select drivers from a specific season only, by selecting a season from the menu.
Note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here. All results for all drivers are used in calculation (also those with 5 or less GP to there name).
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