Who is the strongest teammate in F1?

The team mate battles view allows you to see how F1 drivers compare verus (all) of their teammates.

The first objective of any driver is to beat his teammate. Therefore the 'teammate' provides an interesting yardstick to gauge driver performance. Note that below results cannot be taken in absolute terms, since (naturally) the strength of a respective team mate weighs heavily in this comparison. And in addition, while current teams are allowed 2 drivers, back in the day one team could field a multitude of drivers for the same GP. So a driver would have more competition to get a good result. And on the flipside, in below statistic, is rewarded more heavily in the process for outperforming his teammates.

The statistics below show the full career results for each driver. To view drivers from a specific season only, select one from the menu above. It will still use the career data. To see the teambattle-performance for one season only, go to the season view.

Final note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here (though all results are used in calculation). This view is based on points achieved versus every teammate in every GP.
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points more vs team mates
1br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi5.0211515144577
2gb.webpJackie Stewart4.541612199731
3se.webpRonnie Peterson2.2724135123546
4be.webpJacky Ickx2.1314129114300
5gb.webpGraham Hill2.0128849177579
6ar.webpCarlos Reutemann1.820123146362.5
7nz.webpDenny Hulme1.7620831112367
8za.webpJody Scheckter1.389812112135
9gb.webpJohn Surtees1.3616848111228
10gb.webpBrian Redman0.42015128
11br.webpCarlos Pace0.29120197234.5
12fr.webpJean Pierre Beltoise0.26133188434
13us.webpMario Andretti-0.116622128-16
14nz.webpHowden Ganley-0.12692035-8
15at.webpNiki Lauda-0.2122013171-46.5
16fr.webpPatrick Depailler-0.251071495-27
17nz.webpChris Amon-0.361283696-46
18us.webpPeter Revson-0.49491330-24
19es.webpAlex Soler-Roig-0.7322126-16
20gb.webpMike Hailwood-0.851102750-94
21ch.webpClay Regazzoni-1.0214410132-146.5
22gb.webpJackie Oliver-1.07861449-92
23fr.webpHenri Pescarolo-1.141202256-137
24au.webpTim Schenken-1.15391034-45
25it.webpArturo Merzario-1.21481657-58
25de.webpRolf Stommelen-1.21541553-65.5
27none.webpJohn Love-1.3132219-42
28gb.webpPeter Gethin-1.37681830-93
29it.webpAndrea de Adamich-1.8742429-133
30br.webpWilson Fittipaldi-1.8244535-80
31se.webpReine Wisell-1.91441722-84
32fr.webpFrancois Migault-221413-42
33gb.webpMike Beuttler-2.36761128-179
34fr.webpFrancois Cevert-3.5574746-263
35it.webpNanni Galli-3.57301016-107
36at.webpHelmut Marko-3.692989-107
37gb.webpDerek Bell-4.831299-58
38za.webpDave Charlton-6.14291511-178
39au.webpDave Walker-9.8715311-148
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points vs team mates
1au.webpDave Walker-9.8715311-148
2za.webpDave Charlton-6.14291511-178
3gb.webpDerek Bell-4.831299-58
4at.webpHelmut Marko-3.692989-107
5it.webpNanni Galli-3.57301016-107
6fr.webpFrancois Cevert-3.5574746-263
7gb.webpMike Beuttler-2.36761128-179
8fr.webpFrancois Migault-221413-42
9se.webpReine Wisell-1.91441722-84
10br.webpWilson Fittipaldi-1.8244535-80
11it.webpAndrea de Adamich-1.8742429-133
12gb.webpPeter Gethin-1.37681830-93
13none.webpJohn Love-1.3132219-42
14de.webpRolf Stommelen-1.21541553-65.5
15it.webpArturo Merzario-1.21481657-58
16au.webpTim Schenken-1.15391034-45
17fr.webpHenri Pescarolo-1.141202256-137
18gb.webpJackie Oliver-1.07861449-92
19ch.webpClay Regazzoni-1.0214410132-146.5
20gb.webpMike Hailwood-0.851102750-94
21es.webpAlex Soler-Roig-0.7322126-16
22us.webpPeter Revson-0.49491330-24
23nz.webpChris Amon-0.361283696-46
24fr.webpPatrick Depailler-0.251071495-27
25at.webpNiki Lauda-0.2122013171-46.5
26nz.webpHowden Ganley-0.12692035-8
27us.webpMario Andretti-0.116622128-16
28fr.webpJean Pierre Beltoise0.26133188434
29br.webpCarlos Pace0.29120197234.5
30gb.webpBrian Redman0.42015128
31gb.webpJohn Surtees1.3616848111228
32za.webpJody Scheckter1.389812112135
33nz.webpDenny Hulme1.7620831112367
34ar.webpCarlos Reutemann1.820123146362.5
35gb.webpGraham Hill2.0128849177579
36be.webpJacky Ickx2.1314129114300
37se.webpRonnie Peterson2.2724135123546
38gb.webpJackie Stewart4.541612199731
39br.webpEmerson Fittipaldi5.0211515144577
In the team battle view drivers are compared based on their individual performance against all of their teammates based on points.
  • Drivers are ranked based on the average points / team battle.
  • You can select the switch on top to sort the list based on most or least average points.
  • You can select drivers from a specific season only, by selecting a season from the menu.
Note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here. All results for all drivers are used in calculation (also those with 5 or less GP to there name).
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