Who is the strongest teammate in F1?

The team mate battles view allows you to see how F1 drivers compare verus (all) of their teammates.

The first objective of any driver is to beat his teammate. Therefore the 'teammate' provides an interesting yardstick to gauge driver performance. Note that below results cannot be taken in absolute terms, since (naturally) the strength of a respective team mate weighs heavily in this comparison. And in addition, while current teams are allowed 2 drivers, back in the day one team could field a multitude of drivers for the same GP. So a driver would have more competition to get a good result. And on the flipside, in below statistic, is rewarded more heavily in the process for outperforming his teammates.

The statistics below show the full career results for each driver. To view drivers from a specific season only, select one from the menu above. It will still use the career data. To see the teambattle-performance for one season only, go to the season view.

Final note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here (though all results are used in calculation). This view is based on points achieved versus every teammate in every GP.
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points more vs team mates
1de.webpMichael Schumacher4.19304113061275
2es.webpFernando Alonso3.79382143861446
3fi.webpMika Hakkinen1.471537161225
4fr.webpJean Alesi1.3419714201263
5gb.webpJenson Button1.2130412306367.5
6de.webpHeinz-Harald Frentzen1.1815412156182
7de.webpRalf Schumacher0.51180618092
8ca.webpJacques Villeneuve0.5161916380
9fr.webpOlivier Panis0.471551115773
10de.webpNick Heidfeld0.441811218380
11br.webpTarso Marques0.09233242
12fi.webpKimi Räikkönen0.053471334919
13it.webpJarno Trulli-0.2624912252-64.5
14my.webpAlex Yoong-0.5315215-8
15nl.webpJos Verstappen-0.6510510107-68
16ar.webpGaston Mazzacane-0.6721221-14
17it.webpGiancarlo Fisichella-0.6822912229-155
18co.webpJuan Pablo Montoya-0.9394494-87
19es.webpPedro de la Rosa-0.991036104-102
20br.webpEnrique Bernoldi-1.1828228-33
21gb.webpDavid Coulthard-1.442447246-352
22br.webpRicardo Zonta-1.536336-54
23br.webpRubens Barrichello-1.5831915322-503.5
24gb.webpEddie Irvine-1.711446146-246
24br.webpLuciano Burti-1.7114414-24
    Nr    Driver    Average points / team battle    Total team battles    Teammates battled    Total GPs    Total points vs team mates
1br.webpLuciano Burti-1.7114414-24
2gb.webpEddie Irvine-1.711446146-246
3br.webpRubens Barrichello-1.5831915322-503.5
4br.webpRicardo Zonta-1.536336-54
5gb.webpDavid Coulthard-1.442447246-352
6br.webpEnrique Bernoldi-1.1828228-33
7es.webpPedro de la Rosa-0.991036104-102
8co.webpJuan Pablo Montoya-0.9394494-87
9it.webpGiancarlo Fisichella-0.6822912229-155
10ar.webpGaston Mazzacane-0.6721221-14
11nl.webpJos Verstappen-0.6510510107-68
12my.webpAlex Yoong-0.5315215-8
13it.webpJarno Trulli-0.2624912252-64.5
14fi.webpKimi Räikkönen0.053471334919
15br.webpTarso Marques0.09233242
16de.webpNick Heidfeld0.441811218380
17fr.webpOlivier Panis0.471551115773
18ca.webpJacques Villeneuve0.5161916380
19de.webpRalf Schumacher0.51180618092
20de.webpHeinz-Harald Frentzen1.1815412156182
21gb.webpJenson Button1.2130412306367.5
22fr.webpJean Alesi1.3419714201263
23fi.webpMika Hakkinen1.471537161225
24es.webpFernando Alonso3.79382143861446
25de.webpMichael Schumacher4.19304113061275
In the team battle view drivers are compared based on their individual performance against all of their teammates based on points.
  • Drivers are ranked based on the average points / team battle.
  • You can select the switch on top to sort the list based on most or least average points.
  • You can select drivers from a specific season only, by selecting a season from the menu.
Note: only drivers with more than 5 GP entries are shown here. All results for all drivers are used in calculation (also those with 5 or less GP to there name).
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