The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Osella
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
11990AustraliaOlivier Grouillard130
21990SpainOlivier Grouillard170 (not classified)
31990ItalyOlivier Grouillard170 (not classified)
41990BelgiumOlivier Grouillard160
51990MexicoOlivier Grouillard190
61990CanadaOlivier Grouillard130
71990San MarinoOlivier Grouillard140 (not classified)
81990BrazilOlivier Grouillard250 (not classified)
91990United StatesOlivier Grouillard200 (not classified)
101989AustraliaNicola Larini260 (not classified)
111989AustraliaPiercarlo Ghinzani130 (not classified)
121989JapanNicola Larini210 (not classified)
131989SpainNicola Larini250 (not classified)
141989SpainPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
151989ItalyNicola Larini220 (not classified)
161989HungaryPiercarlo Ghinzani240 (not classified)
171989Great BritainNicola Larini210 (not classified)
181989CanadaNicola Larini120 (not classified)
191989San MarinoNicola Larini120
201989BrazilNicola Larini260 (not classified)
211988JapanNicola Larini200 (not classified)
221988SpainNicola Larini240 (not classified)
231988PortugalNicola Larini120
241988ItalyNicola Larini260 (not classified)
251988BelgiumNicola Larini200 (not classified)
261988GermanyNicola Larini220 (not classified)
271988Great BritainNicola Larini190
281988FranceNicola Larini180 (not classified)
291988United StatesNicola Larini240 (not classified)
301988MonacoNicola Larini92
311987JapanAlex Caffi170 (not classified)
321987MexicoAlex Caffi120 (not classified)
331987PortugalAlex Caffi210 (not classified)
341987PortugalFranco Forini180 (not classified)
351987ItalyAlex Caffi220 (not classified)
361987ItalyFranco Forini210 (not classified)
371987AustriaAlex Caffi240 (not classified)
381987HungaryAlex Caffi150 (not classified)
391987GermanyAlex Caffi180 (not classified)
401987Great BritainAlex Caffi160 (not classified)
411987FranceAlex Caffi240 (not classified)
421987United StatesAlex Caffi230 (not classified)
431987MonacoAlex Caffi190 (not classified)
441987BelgiumAlex Caffi170 (not classified)
451987San MarinoGabriele Tarquini200 (not classified)
461987San MarinoAlex Caffi120
471987BrazilAlex Caffi180 (not classified)
481986AustraliaPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
491986AustraliaAllen Berg150 (not classified)
501986MexicoPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
511986MexicoAllen Berg160
521986PortugalPiercarlo Ghinzani260 (not classified)
531986PortugalAllen Berg130
541986ItalyPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
551986ItalyAlex Caffi110
561986AustriaAllen Berg240 (not classified)
571986AustriaPiercarlo Ghinzani110
581986HungaryAllen Berg260 (not classified)
591986HungaryPiercarlo Ghinzani210 (not classified)
601986GermanyPiercarlo Ghinzani230 (not classified)
611986GermanyAllen Berg120
621986Great BritainAllen Berg260 (not classified)
631986Great BritainPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
641986FrancePiercarlo Ghinzani230 (not classified)
651986FranceAllen Berg180 (not classified)
661986USA EastPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
671986USA EastAllen Berg200 (not classified)
681986CanadaChristian Danner240 (not classified)
691986CanadaPiercarlo Ghinzani140 (not classified)
701986BelgiumChristian Danner240 (not classified)
711986BelgiumPiercarlo Ghinzani230 (not classified)
721986San MarinoChristian Danner160 (not classified)
731986San MarinoPiercarlo Ghinzani110 (not classified)
741986SpainPiercarlo Ghinzani200 (not classified)
751986SpainChristian Danner180 (not classified)
761986BrazilPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
771986BrazilChristian Danner140 (not classified)
781985AustraliaHuub Rothengatter76
791985South AfricaHuub Rothengatter180 (not classified)
801985BelgiumHuub Rothengatter140 (not classified)
811985ItalyHuub Rothengatter180 (not classified)
821985NetherlandsHuub Rothengatter110 (not classified)
831985AustriaHuub Rothengatter92
841985GermanyHuub Rothengatter150 (not classified)
851985Great BritainPiercarlo Ghinzani260 (not classified)
861985FrancePiercarlo Ghinzani150
871985USA EastPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
881985CanadaPiercarlo Ghinzani200 (not classified)
891985San MarinoPiercarlo Ghinzani120 (not classified)
901985PortugalPiercarlo Ghinzani92
911985BrazilPiercarlo Ghinzani120
921984PortugalPiercarlo Ghinzani180 (not classified)
931984PortugalJo Gartner160
941984EuropePiercarlo Ghinzani260 (not classified)
951984EuropeJo Gartner120
961984ItalyPiercarlo Ghinzani76
971984ItalyJo Gartner510
981984NetherlandsPiercarlo Ghinzani240 (not classified)
991984NetherlandsJo Gartner120
1001984AustriaPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
1011984AustriaJo Gartner240 (not classified)
1021984GermanyJo Gartner160 (not classified)
1031984GermanyPiercarlo Ghinzani150 (not classified)
1041984Great BritainJo Gartner250 (not classified)
1051984Great BritainPiercarlo Ghinzani92
1061984United StatesPiercarlo Ghinzani510
1071984USA EastPiercarlo Ghinzani200 (not classified)
1081984CanadaPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
1091984MonacoPiercarlo Ghinzani73 (reduced points)
1101984FrancePiercarlo Ghinzani120
1111984San MarinoJo Gartner140 (not classified)
1121984BelgiumPiercarlo Ghinzani200 (not classified)
1131984BrazilPiercarlo Ghinzani170 (not classified)
1141983South AfricaPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
1151983South AfricaCorrado Fabi190 (not classified)
1161983EuropePiercarlo Ghinzani180 (not classified)
1171983ItalyPiercarlo Ghinzani220 (not classified)
1181983ItalyCorrado Fabi140 (not classified)
1191983NetherlandsCorrado Fabi110
1201983AustriaPiercarlo Ghinzani110
1211983AustriaCorrado Fabi101
1221983GermanyPiercarlo Ghinzani150 (not classified)
1231983Great BritainPiercarlo Ghinzani200 (not classified)
1241983CanadaCorrado Fabi190 (not classified)
1251983United StatesPiercarlo Ghinzani250 (not classified)
1261983BelgiumCorrado Fabi200 (not classified)
1271983San MarinoCorrado Fabi200 (not classified)
1281983FranceCorrado Fabi150 (not classified)
1291983BrazilCorrado Fabi230 (not classified)
1301982ItalyJean Pierre Jarier190 (not classified)
1311982SwitzerlandJean Pierre Jarier190 (not classified)
1321982GermanyJean Pierre Jarier240 (not classified)
1331982FranceJean Pierre Jarier250 (not classified)
1341982Great BritainJean Pierre Jarier210 (not classified)
1351982NetherlandsJean Pierre Jarier140
1361982CanadaRiccardo Paletti250 (not classified)
1371982CanadaJean Pierre Jarier240 (not classified)
1381982USA EastJean Pierre Jarier220 (not classified)
1391982BelgiumJean Pierre Jarier150 (not classified)
1401982San MarinoRiccardo Paletti90 (not classified)
1411982San MarinoJean Pierre Jarier412
1421982USA WestJean Pierre Jarier160 (not classified)
1431982BrazilJean Pierre Jarier92
1441982South AfricaJean Pierre Jarier260 (not classified)
1451981Las VegasJean Pierre Jarier230 (not classified)
1461981CanadaJean Pierre Jarier180 (not classified)
1471981ItalyJean Pierre Jarier92
1481981NetherlandsJean Pierre Jarier140 (not classified)
1491981AustriaJean Pierre Jarier101
1501981GermanyJean Pierre Jarier84
1511981Great BritainJean Pierre Jarier84
1521981BelgiumBeppe Gabbiani170 (not classified)
1531981BelgiumPiercarlo Ghinzani130
1541981San MarinoMiguel Angel Guerra240 (not classified)
1551981San MarinoBeppe Gabbiani170 (not classified)
1561981USA WestBeppe Gabbiani180 (not classified)
1571980USA EastEddie Cheever190 (not classified)
1581980CanadaEddie Cheever190 (not classified)
1591980ItalyEddie Cheever120
1601980NetherlandsEddie Cheever140 (not classified)
1611980AustriaEddie Cheever220 (not classified)
1621980GermanyEddie Cheever200 (not classified)
1631980Great BritainEddie Cheever220 (not classified)
1641980FranceEddie Cheever150 (not classified)
1651980USA WestEddie Cheever180 (not classified)
1661980South AfricaEddie Cheever230 (not classified)
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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