The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Shadow
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
11980South AfricaGeoff Lees130
21979USA EastElio de Angelis43
31979CanadaElio de Angelis180 (not classified)
41979CanadaJan Lammers90
51979ItalyElio de Angelis180 (not classified)
61979NetherlandsJan Lammers160 (not classified)
71979NetherlandsElio de Angelis100 (not classified)
81979AustriaJan Lammers220 (not classified)
91979AustriaElio de Angelis140 (not classified)
101979GermanyElio de Angelis110
111979GermanyJan Lammers100
121979Great BritainElio de Angelis120
131979Great BritainJan Lammers110
141979FranceJan Lammers180
151979FranceElio de Angelis160
161979BelgiumElio de Angelis200 (not classified)
171979BelgiumJan Lammers100
181979SpainElio de Angelis180 (not classified)
191979SpainJan Lammers120
201979USA WestJan Lammers140 (not classified)
211979USA WestElio de Angelis70
221979South AfricaJan Lammers240 (not classified)
231979South AfricaElio de Angelis220 (not classified)
241979BrazilJan Lammers140
251979BrazilElio de Angelis120
261979ArgentinaJan Lammers140 (not classified)
271979ArgentinaElio de Angelis70
281978CanadaHans Joachim Stuck210 (not classified)
291978USA EastHans Joachim Stuck250 (not classified)
301978USA EastClay Regazzoni140
311978ItalyHans Joachim Stuck220 (not classified)
321978ItalyClay Regazzoni150 (not classified)
331978NetherlandsHans Joachim Stuck140 (not classified)
341978AustriaHans Joachim Stuck130 (not classified)
351978AustriaClay Regazzoni100
361978GermanyHans Joachim Stuck210 (not classified)
371978Great BritainClay Regazzoni130 (not classified)
381978Great BritainHans Joachim Stuck52
391978FranceClay Regazzoni250 (not classified)
401978FranceHans Joachim Stuck110
411978SwedenHans Joachim Stuck110
421978SwedenClay Regazzoni52
431978SpainHans Joachim Stuck210 (not classified)
441978SpainClay Regazzoni150
451978BelgiumClay Regazzoni180 (not classified)
461978BelgiumHans Joachim Stuck140 (not classified)
471978MonacoHans Joachim Stuck180 (not classified)
481978USA WestClay Regazzoni100
491978BrazilHans Joachim Stuck160 (not classified)
501978BrazilClay Regazzoni52
511978ArgentinaHans Joachim Stuck170
521978ArgentinaClay Regazzoni150
531977JapanRiccardo Patrese60
541977JapanAlan Jones43
551977CanadaRiccardo Patrese100
561977CanadaAlan Jones43
571977USA EastAlan Jones260 (not classified)
581977USA EastJean Pierre Jarier90
591977ItalyRiccardo Patrese120 (not classified)
601977ItalyAlan Jones34
611977NetherlandsAlan Jones160 (not classified)
621977NetherlandsRiccardo Patrese130
631977AustriaArturo Merzario220 (not classified)
641977AustriaAlan Jones18
651977GermanyAlan Jones230 (not classified)
661977GermanyRiccardo Patrese100
671977Great BritainRiccardo Patrese200 (not classified)
681977Great BritainAlan Jones70
691977FranceRiccardo Patrese200 (not classified)
701977FranceAlan Jones170 (not classified)
711977SwedenAlan Jones170
721977SwedenJackie Oliver90
731977BelgiumRiccardo Patrese220 (not classified)
741977BelgiumAlan Jones52
751977MonacoRiccardo Patrese90
761977MonacoAlan Jones60
771977SpainRenzo Zorzi190 (not classified)
781977SpainAlan Jones160 (not classified)
791977USA WestRenzo Zorzi170 (not classified)
801977USA WestAlan Jones150 (not classified)
811977South AfricaRenzo Zorzi220 (not classified)
821977South AfricaTom Pryce210 (not classified)
831977BrazilTom Pryce90 (not classified)
841977BrazilRenzo Zorzi60
851977ArgentinaRenzo Zorzi200 (not classified)
861977ArgentinaTom Pryce90 (not classified)
871976JapanTom Pryce140 (not classified)
881976JapanJean Pierre Jarier100
891976USA EastTom Pryce160 (not classified)
901976USA EastJean Pierre Jarier100
911976CanadaJean Pierre Jarier180
921976CanadaTom Pryce110
931976ItalyJean Pierre Jarier190
941976ItalyTom Pryce80
951976NetherlandsJean Pierre Jarier100
961976NetherlandsTom Pryce43
971976AustriaTom Pryce230 (not classified)
981976AustriaJean Pierre Jarier180 (not classified)
991976GermanyJean Pierre Jarier110
1001976GermanyTom Pryce80
1011976Great BritainJean Pierre Jarier90
1021976Great BritainTom Pryce43
1031976FranceJean Pierre Jarier120
1041976FranceTom Pryce80
1051976SwedenJean Pierre Jarier120
1061976SwedenTom Pryce90
1071976MonacoJean Pierre Jarier80
1081976MonacoTom Pryce70
1091976BelgiumTom Pryce100
1101976BelgiumJean Pierre Jarier90
1111976SpainJean Pierre Jarier150 (not classified)
1121976SpainTom Pryce80
1131976USA WestTom Pryce140 (not classified)
1141976USA WestJean Pierre Jarier70
1151976South AfricaJean Pierre Jarier200 (not classified)
1161976South AfricaTom Pryce70
1171976BrazilJean Pierre Jarier151 (incl. +1 fastest lap point) (not classified)
1181976BrazilTom Pryce34
1191975United StatesJean Pierre Jarier160 (not classified)
1201975United StatesTom Pryce110 (not classified)
1211975ItalyJean Pierre Jarier150 (not classified)
1221975ItalyTom Pryce60
1231975AustriaJean Pierre Jarier240 (not classified)
1241975AustriaTom Pryce32 (reduced points)
1251975GermanyJean Pierre Jarier150 (not classified)
1261975GermanyTom Pryce43
1271975Great BritainTom Pryce220 (not classified)
1281975Great BritainJean Pierre Jarier140
1291975FranceTom Pryce250 (not classified)
1301975FranceJean Pierre Jarier80
1311975NetherlandsJean Pierre Jarier190 (not classified)
1321975NetherlandsTom Pryce60
1331975SwedenJean Pierre Jarier220 (not classified)
1341975SwedenTom Pryce180 (not classified)
1351975BelgiumJean Pierre Jarier210 (not classified)
1361975BelgiumTom Pryce60
1371975MonacoJean Pierre Jarier180 (not classified)
1381975MonacoTom Pryce140 (not classified)
1391975SpainTom Pryce120 (not classified)
1401975SpainJean Pierre Jarier41.5 (reduced points)
1411975South AfricaJean Pierre Jarier220 (not classified)
1421975South AfricaTom Pryce90
1431975BrazilTom Pryce180 (not classified)
1441975BrazilJean Pierre Jarier161 (incl. +1 fastest lap point) (not classified)
1451975ArgentinaTom Pryce120
1461974United StatesTom Pryce150 (not classified)
1471974United StatesJean Pierre Jarier100
1481974CanadaJean Pierre Jarier230 (not classified)
1491974CanadaTom Pryce190 (not classified)
1501974ItalyJean Pierre Jarier170 (not classified)
1511974ItalyTom Pryce100
1521974AustriaTom Pryce210 (not classified)
1531974AustriaJean Pierre Jarier80
1541974GermanyJean Pierre Jarier80
1551974GermanyTom Pryce60
1561974Great BritainJean Pierre Jarier180 (not classified)
1571974Great BritainTom Pryce80
1581974SwitzerlandTom Pryce200 (not classified)
1591974SwitzerlandJean Pierre Jarier120
1601974NetherlandsTom Pryce230 (not classified)
1611974NetherlandsJean Pierre Jarier170 (not classified)
1621974SwedenBertil Roos240 (not classified)
1631974SwedenJean Pierre Jarier52
1641974MonacoBrian Redman230 (not classified)
1651974MonacoJean Pierre Jarier34
1661974BelgiumBrian Redman180
1671974BelgiumJean Pierre Jarier130
1681974SpainJean Pierre Jarier150 (not classified)
1691974SpainBrian Redman70
1701974BrazilPeter Revson220 (not classified)
1711974BrazilJean Pierre Jarier200 (not classified)
1721974ArgentinaJean Pierre Jarier250 (not classified)
1731974ArgentinaPeter Revson240 (not classified)
1741973United StatesBrian Redman250 (not classified)
1751973United StatesJackie Oliver150
1761973United StatesGeorge Follmer140
1771973United StatesGraham Hill130
1781973CanadaGeorge Follmer170
1791973CanadaGraham Hill160
1801973CanadaJackie Oliver34
1811973ItalyGraham Hill140
1821973ItalyJackie Oliver110
1831973ItalyGeorge Follmer100
1841973AustriaJackie Oliver190 (not classified)
1851973AustriaGeorge Follmer170 (not classified)
1861973AustriaGraham Hill160 (not classified)
1871973GermanyGeorge Follmer190 (not classified)
1881973GermanyGraham Hill130
1891973GermanyJackie Oliver80
1901973NetherlandsJackie Oliver230 (not classified)
1911973NetherlandsGraham Hill120 (not classified)
1921973NetherlandsGeorge Follmer100
1931973Great BritainJackie Oliver270 (not classified)
1941973Great BritainGeorge Follmer260 (not classified)
1951973Great BritainGraham Hill170 (not classified)
1961973FranceJackie Oliver250 (not classified)
1971973FranceGeorge Follmer220 (not classified)
1981973FranceGraham Hill100
1991973SwedenGraham Hill190 (not classified)
2001973SwedenJackie Oliver160 (not classified)
2011973SwedenGeorge Follmer140
2021973MonacoGraham Hill130 (not classified)
2031973MonacoJackie Oliver100
2041973BelgiumJackie Oliver200 (not classified)
2051973BelgiumGeorge Follmer190 (not classified)
2061973BelgiumGraham Hill90
2071973SpainJackie Oliver200 (not classified)
2081973SpainGraham Hill180 (not classified)
2091973SpainGeorge Follmer34
2101973South AfricaJackie Oliver200 (not classified)
2111973South AfricaGeorge Follmer60
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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