The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Super Aguri
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
12008SpainAnthony Davidson180 (not classified)
22008SpainTakuma Sato130
32008BahrainTakuma Sato170
42008BahrainAnthony Davidson160
52008MalaysiaTakuma Sato160
62008MalaysiaAnthony Davidson150
72008AustraliaAnthony Davidson190 (not classified)
82008AustraliaTakuma Sato110 (not classified)
92007BrazilAnthony Davidson140
102007BrazilTakuma Sato120
112007ChinaAnthony Davidson220 (not classified)
122007ChinaTakuma Sato140
132007JapanAnthony Davidson170 (not classified)
142007JapanTakuma Sato150
152007BelgiumAnthony Davidson160
162007BelgiumTakuma Sato150
172007ItalyTakuma Sato160
182007ItalyAnthony Davidson140
192007TurkeyTakuma Sato180
202007TurkeyAnthony Davidson140
212007HungaryAnthony Davidson200 (not classified)
222007HungaryTakuma Sato150
232007EuropeTakuma Sato150 (not classified)
242007EuropeAnthony Davidson120
252007Great BritainAnthony Davidson180 (not classified)
262007Great BritainTakuma Sato140
272007FranceAnthony Davidson200 (not classified)
282007FranceTakuma Sato160
292007United StatesTakuma Sato190 (not classified)
302007United StatesAnthony Davidson110
312007CanadaAnthony Davidson110
322007CanadaTakuma Sato68
332007MonacoAnthony Davidson180
342007MonacoTakuma Sato170
352007SpainAnthony Davidson110
362007SpainTakuma Sato84
372007BahrainTakuma Sato190 (not classified)
382007BahrainAnthony Davidson160
392007MalaysiaAnthony Davidson160
402007MalaysiaTakuma Sato130
412007AustraliaAnthony Davidson160
422007AustraliaTakuma Sato120
432006BrazilSakon Yamamoto160
442006BrazilTakuma Sato101
452006JapanSakon Yamamoto170
462006JapanTakuma Sato150
472006ChinaTakuma Sato220 (not classified)
482006ChinaSakon Yamamoto160
492006ItalySakon Yamamoto210 (not classified)
502006ItalyTakuma Sato160
512006TurkeySakon Yamamoto190 (not classified)
522006TurkeyTakuma Sato170 (not classified)
532006HungarySakon Yamamoto210 (not classified)
542006HungaryTakuma Sato130
552006GermanySakon Yamamoto190 (not classified)
562006GermanyTakuma Sato140 (not classified)
572006FranceTakuma Sato220 (not classified)
582006FranceFranck Montagny160
592006United StatesFranck Montagny220 (not classified)
602006United StatesTakuma Sato140 (not classified)
612006CanadaFranck Montagny200 (not classified)
622006CanadaTakuma Sato150
632006Great BritainFranck Montagny180
642006Great BritainTakuma Sato170
652006MonacoTakuma Sato220 (not classified)
662006MonacoFranck Montagny160
672006SpainFranck Montagny220 (not classified)
682006SpainTakuma Sato170
692006EuropeFranck Montagny170 (not classified)
702006EuropeTakuma Sato160 (not classified)
712006San MarinoYuji Ide200 (not classified)
722006San MarinoTakuma Sato180 (not classified)
732006AustraliaYuji Ide130
742006AustraliaTakuma Sato120
752006MalaysiaYuji Ide170 (not classified)
762006MalaysiaTakuma Sato140
772006BahrainYuji Ide190 (not classified)
782006BahrainTakuma Sato180
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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