What is the average career length of a F1 driver?

The formula 1 time section provides insights into time based trends, like how many points are achieved over time in a clear graph. This graph provides the career length of drivers over time. It shows the average amount of seasons or grand prix of all drivers - in their career - and an average trend in the data. See the explanation at the bottom for further details. It provides insight into when Formula 1 drivers retire.

The career length view provides insight into the evolution of the career length of drivers based on seasons and grand prix. There are two areas of the graph which have a different nature. The initial seasons, where up and until 1960 the Indy 500 was part of the championship, however typically only US-drivers would feature here (for 1 GP only in the season) and non of the European drivers. And the last part of the graph which is impacted by no data on the future ;-) and a host of new/junior drivers.

Explanation on the different lines:
  • Average: the average line shows the average of all drivers combined for that specific season (either based on seasons or grand prix). Note: for a specific season this average also extends in to the future. The total number of seasons that a driver has driven is used in the calculation. So for instance for 1970, Jacky Ickx would go on to drive until 1979 for a total of 13 seasons and 118 grand prix.
  • Min/max: the minimum/maximum line shows the minimum/maximum of all drivers combined for that specific season - in their career.
  • Trend: The average trend line shows the average of the past x seasons at a specific point. Therefore the line only starts after x seasons. The end of the line (dashed) extrapolates the data of the last x seasons to make a prediction on where those seasons might be in the future (based on the average delta between all seasons). And therefore does not reflect the trend on the actual data of those seasons.
  • >1 season: The final lines omit any drivers that have not had more than 1 season in their career (both for the average and the trend graph) for both season and grand prix. In part to mitigate the earlier stated difference in the beginning and end of the season.

You can click in the legend of the graph to (de)select any of the lines. Use the button on top to switch between season and grand prix view. You can select the range of seasons displayed by using the slider (either drag the left and right block, or click on the timeline).
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