What F1 team is the most dominant over time?

The formula 1 time section provides insights into time based trends, like how many points are achieved over time in a clear graph. This timeline provides the points distribution chart on the different F1 constructors over time. You can use the slider below the graph to select the season range. Use the legend to (de)select specific teams.
The time analysis shows the points distribution between constructors over time. The size of the area for any given season is based on the percentage of points for the selected teams (not all teams). When zoomed in enough this is typically the same, but can diverge for larger time frames as smaller teams will not be shown. See the tooltip in the graph for details.
  • You can select the range of seasons displayed by using the slider (either drag the left and right block, or click on the timeline).
  • The sequence of constructors is based on all time most points (based on the selected PSS). In that order they are shown from top to bottom in the graph.
  • By default only the top 15 constructors (with most points) are displayed. You can (de)select any team by clicking it in the legend.
  • When hovering over the points in the graph you can see the exact amount of points by a team for that season, the global % of points and the % of points based on the selected teams.
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