Harrian racing series (HRS) season 2

by Mortis
last update: 2024-02-18 21:12:35
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This is season 2 of the harrian racing series (HRS) if you want to know what happend last season .i should go check that season out before you go and read this

Last season we saw the start of the HRS and it was a banger of a first season where we saw Lendo Harry take the title after a controversial last race where Harry crashed in to his rivel Mike Hawkins who was fuming but all in all we had a great season with a title fight  a close midfield and 2 clear backmarkerteams 

Pre season

In februari the callender was revealed 

Race 1 Norrisring 

Race 2 Assen

Race 3 Berlin street

Race 4 Hokkenheimring

Race 5 Frankfurt street

Race 6 Nurburgring GP circuit 

Race 7 Zolder

Race 8 Berner alps 

After the callender was revealed we got another New anouncement wath is that there Will be an 9th team joining in the name of MercedesLY and LY stands for Lendo Yintie who will be thier teamleader and they will sign as second driver the now free-agent Toecerona 

Team overview :

HA Racing 

Lendo Harry (28 British)

Lendo Kike (39 Irish)

Potter Katsma (27 Dutch) (Reserve)


Mike Hawkins (20 Costa rician)

Eduardo Tui (22 Australian)

Simon Potts (23 German) (Reserve)


Marty Plasa (44 Norwegian)

Witje Het Woudje  (17 Dutch)

Marty Plasa Junior (25 Norwegian) (Reserve)

Marsos GP 

Murray Marsos (33 Canadian)

Sandy Marsos (40 Canadian)

Nino Siroky (30 Canadian) (Reserve)


Jappie Het Woudje (18 Dutch)

Lendo Mortis (26 Dutch)

Lendo Mortis Junior (20 Dutch) (Reserve)


Sammie Veenstra (24 Belgian)

Tim Veenstra (28 Belgian)

Lendo Tieski (25 Dutch) (Reserve)

Tini Racing 

Lendo Mortini (23 Chinees)

Lendo Yintini (21 Chinees)

Potter Katsma Junior (20 Dutch) (Reserve)


Lendo Winniams (45 American)

Lendo Winniams Junior (22 American)

Lendo Olaiva (28 British) (Reserve)


Lendo Yintie (21 Dutch)

Lendo Toecerona (35 Dutch)

Minoes Katsma (19 Dutch) (Reserve)

After the callender was anounced we saw a New circuit getting on to the callender for this season Race wath is Dutch Circuit settled in Leeuwarden and this track is gona go 1 Race before the season final berner alps and after this we see more circuits who are willing to join the callender for later seasons the first to be comfirmed is the Sisily GP

Pre season testing 

Mike Hawkins         Hypertech 

Lendo Harry            HA Racing 

Murray Marsos       Marsos GP 

Jappie Het Woudje     JHW

Marty Plasa             Pansia 

Lendo Yintie            MercedesLY 

Sammie Veenstra   TTLracing 

Lendo Mortini          Tini Racing 

Lendo Winniams     Winniams 

Jet agian is the Pre season not for 2 or 3 drivers a team but they are planning on allowing that for next season

Race 1 Norrisring 

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : Lendo Kike 

Mike Hawkins takes pole in the first race after a second place in the Championship last season so he can hopefully start this season with the Joy he could not have last season in P2 we see Kike and in P3 Harry and in P4 the New driver for JHW Lendo Mortis 

In the race we see Kike take the lead after Hawkins his bad start wath droped him down to P5 so he chose for an alternate strategy be stopping 1st lap and going for a long stind on the hard compound at the start we also saw Jappie Het Woudje get up to P5 after starting in P8 a couple Laps in to the race we see our first DNF af the season with Marty plasa whos engine blows and gives us our first safaty car after the safety car we see Harry who doesnt react verry well wath means Mortis moves up in to P2 and then a couple Laps before the end we see Murray Marsos spin and cause a heffy crash where we see him take Toecerona and Witje Het Woudje out of this race and because of that we are gona finish the 1st race behind the safety car With Kike in 1st Mortis In 2nd and Harry in 3rd

Race 2 Assen

Pole : Jappie Het Woudje 

Fastest lap : Lendo Toecerona 

In the 1st ever race weekend in the Netherlands we see the dutchie Jappie Het Woudje take pole in his home race ahead of the Quick Hawkins who was just 3 tousends of a second behind and we saw a good showing of Lendo Yintie in the MercedesLY who managed to qualify in P6

In the race Jappie Het Woudje went leading into the 1st corner with behind Hawkins who yet again doesnt get away well and drops to P4 this time with Harry and Mortis going by into P2 and 3 a couple Laps later we see Hawkins get Mortis for the podium with now only Harry between him and the still leading Jappie Het Woudje we see some Laps later Kike get up into P4 after overtaking Mortis and Yintie in one move and then some more Laps later and Kike cought up to Hawkins whos still behind Harry and then Kike sends it down the inside of them both but Harry was a little to far and she hits him taking them both out of the race at the finish we see Jappie Het Woudje win ahead of Hawkins and Yintie who made a last lap overtake on Mortis to secure the podium

After the race was anounced that we will get our first none europe race with sepang joining the callender for season 3 many fans where happy with this anouncement 

Race 3 Berlin street 

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : Lendo Yintie 

With Hawkins taking his 2nd pole of the season we see Harry take P2 and his teamate will take P3 after Yintie her lap was deleted wath put her down in P10 

In the race we see Hawkins getting away well for the 1st time this season after having 2 bad starts in a row and after an unfortunate P10 for Yintie we see her get up into P7 after 2 Laps of racing wilst the JHW'S dont look good at this track with them being in P8 and P11 with Mortis being their lead driver at the moment but then we see Hawkins engine blow making a lot of smoke where in we see Sandy Marsos drive at full speed into the back of him resulting in a horeble crash after wath we see both the drivers go to the hospital after the red flag we see Kike take the lead and win it ahead of Yintie ,Tui and Harry who fell down to P4

After the crash wath saw 2 drivers go to the hospital and will make those drivers not race for atleast 2 weekends and maby more to replace them the Reserve drivers Simon Potts and Nino Siroky will drive in their place

Race 4 hokkenheimring 

Pole : Lendo Harry 

Fastest lap : Lendo Yintie 

In quali we saw Harry take pole ahead of Jappie Het Woudje in P2 and kike in P3 and Simon Potts who replaces Hawkins is in P5 and Nino siroky is in P11

In the race we see Harry get away well and Jappie Het Woudje goes to try it from far back he is now on the inside and goes by Harry and leads some Laps later Harry is going slow and every one goes past and hes out with an engine failier and then Kike and Jappie Het Woudje are fighting for 1st and kike is past but jappie goes for the switchback and oh they touch and kike slides of and Jappie Het Woudje has damage on his frontwing and kike is now stuck in the gravel and is out now jappie goes in to the pits to change his wing and now mortis leads the race ahead of Yintie and potts the Reserve but yintie easely makes the move on mortis and is in the lead a couple Laps later Yintie is far in the distance and Jappie closed up to potts and mortis to try and get P2 potts is easely don and now the two JHW'S are fighting and mortis gets teamorders but he doesnt let Jappie past and that results in that Jappie has to go for an desperate move and they make contact and mortis loses his wing and potts goes past the both of them mortis now out of the pits again is in P8 and then Jappie who just past Potts is up into P2 at the and Yintie wins ahead of Jappie het woudje and Simon potts Siroky in his 1st race finishes in P10

Race 5 Frankfurt street 

Pole : Eduardo Tui 

Fastest lap : Lendo Kike 

In quali we saw the JHW's do again bad at a street track with them being in P6 and P9 with Jappie being the lead driver but more at the sharp end we see Eduardo Tui take pole with 2 tents ahead of Lendo Kike in P2 and in P3 we have Lendo Harry In a strong P4 we Witje Het Woudje and the Reserve drivers are in P5 and P13 with potts being the leader of them 2

After quali we got the anouncement that Lendo Winniams is gona retire at the end of this season

In the race Tui gets away verry well and leads nicely ahead of Kike but just behind them Harry got overtaken by Witje Het Woudje but in the back lendo mortini has a fenomenal start going from P14 up to P9 gaining 5 spots in the proces but Marty Plasa does the oposite by going from P11 down to P15 a little later Sammie Veenstra has to Come to the pits to retire the car cause the team found an oil leak that is verry unfortunate cause Sammie was driving in P6 wath are valuable points for TTLracing back at the sharp end we see Kike go for an overtake on Eduardo Tui but doesnt get by cause there is not enough room to go past furder not much changed exapt for Yintie overtaking Jappie Het Woudje for P6 so in the end Tui won ahead of Kike and Witje Het Woudje 

After the same weekend as Winniams anounced his retirement we also hear that Marty Plasa also retires at the end of this season

After being in the hospital Hawkins will be racing again from the upcomming weekend but Sandy Marsos will not return to this season cause it turns out that she verry unfortunatly broke her leg and she also anauces that she is gona retire 

Race 6 nurburgring GP circuit 

Pole : Lendo Mortis 

Fastest lap : Lendo Yintie 

In quali at the nurburgring we saw Yintie be out erly after a crash in Q1 and cause of that she is gona start in P18 more to the front Harry has set tge Fastest lap but then the second run comes and he drops down to P4 with Mortis taking pole ahead of Witje Het Woudje and Jappie Het Woudje 

In the race Witje Het Woudje takes the lead of the race after mortis had a bad start wath droped him down to P9 but a couple Laps later he manages to go by a couple cars to be in P4 but the top 3 is still far up the road with Harry being 11 seconds up the road but at the front we see the drivers being realy close with Jappie overtaking Witje for the lead then with 8 Laps to go Lendo Winniams Junior spins and hits the wall wath causes a safety car that comes in with 4 Laps to go and Mortis sends it down the inside of Harry and is up into P3 the next lap at the same place he overtakes Witje Het Woudje for P2 then going into the last lap he is on the tail of his teamate and overtakes him trough the second last turn to take the flag ahead of the 2 Het Woudjes and Harry

We just got the anouncement that Winniams is gona sell their spot on the grid to big car manufactorer Rockrider

Race 7 Zolder 

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : Mike Hawkins 

In quali Hawkins went Quick and took pole with not much of a fight with him being halve a second ahead of P2 Lendo Harry and P3 Lendo Yintie with Toecerona also doing well being in P6 Just behind Jappie Het Woudje and Lendo Mortis 

In the race we saw Hawkins drive so fast that in 5 Laps he had a gap of 8 seconds to Lendo Yintie in P2 with her having overtaken Harry furder we saw Toecerona get by Mortis but then Witje Het Woudje spins and causes a big crash involving Sammie Veenstra Murray Marsos,Lendo Mortini,Eduardo Tui and Lendo Kike after the red flag we get under way but Hawkins stays untouched and will lead every lap to win with 17 seconds ahead of Lendo Harry In P2 and Lendo Yintie in P3

With just 2 races left to go we have the current top 5

1 Jappie Het Woudje 91

2 Lendo Yintie 87

3 Lendo Kike 74

4 Lendo Mortis 73

5 Lendo Harry 69

And in the constructors 

1 JHW 164

2 HA Racing 143

3 Hypertech 129

4 MercedesLY 123

5 Pansia 76

Race 8 Leeuwarden street 

Pole : Lendo Yintie 

Fastest lap : Lendo Yintie 

In Leeuwarden we have an super quali with 3 drivers within 1 tent of a second with Yintie being the Quickest and on pole in P2 we have Mike Hawkins and in P3 we have Lendo Harry 

In the race we unfortunatly dont get that fun of a race with the track being so thin that you nearly dont see any overtakes with just 5 overtakes on track troughout the whole race and all involve kike with her overtaking Mortis Jappie and Harry but then Harry reovertakes her and then she takes him back again so Yintie won ahead of Hawkins, Kike, Harry and Jappie and Mortis after this race we see Yintie lead the Championship by 11 points to Jappie Het Woudje going into the final race of the season

Race 9 berner alps 

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : Lendo Mortis 

In the final qualifying of the season we see Hawkins take another pole to try and win his second race of the season in P2 we have Jappie Het Woudje and in P3 we have Kike with Yintie being in P8 Jappie Het Woudje still has a good chance on the titel 

Then at the start of the race we see Jappie Het Woudje try and go down the inside of Hawkins no they hit each other and are of in to the gravel and stuck and out after this kike is leading the race into the 2nd turn and with Yintie haring a bad start and being in P10 just behind Harry who had an penalty for blocking Mortis In quali and now Harry gets to hear of his engineer that he has to hold yintie behind so his teammate Kike can get the titel with just 5 Laps to go Harry still has Yintie behind but then she manages to launch her car down the inside and goes by but Harry has better traction and is past again and yintie doesnt go by but then the rear left Tire of Kike explodes and with have a lap to go Kike is under treath of Lendo Mortis who is now 10 seconds behind but hes closing verry quickly with 2 turns mortis is at 1.5 seconds of Kike trough the final corner and Mortis is within a second and goes around the oudside and its a fotofinish and kike gets it with 7 thousends of a second and is the champion in the end JHW does win the constructors Championship by just 3 points to HA Racing 

I got this idee from J T you should also watch his there great and there calt globel racing Championship 

Custom season

GP results
Sprint results

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note: champion indication is based on all results and does not take into account season specific championship rules.
Season custom standings - points drivers
NrDriverTeamTotalNorrisringAssenBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitZolderLeeuwarden streetBerner alps
1Lendo KikeHa Racing11425 - 25 - 186 - 1525
2Lendo YintieMercedesLY11341518258215251
3Jappie het woudjeJHW10110252186181210 -
4Lendo MortisJHW9918128 - 2258818
5Lendo harryHa Racing8315 - 12 - 121218122
6Mike hawkinsHypertech77818 - - - 82518 -
7Witje het woudjePansia74 - 1010101515 - 212
8Eduardo tuiHypertech641 - 154250 - 415
9Lendo ToeceronaMercedesLY48 - 2412441066
10Sammie veenstraTTLracing3812812 - 10 - 14
11Tim veenstraTTLracing302 - 6800608
12Marty plasaPansia26 - 606 - - 4010
13Simon PottsHypertech25 - - - 1510 - - - -
14Sandy marsosMarsos GP660 - - - - - - -
15Lendo winniamsWinniams40400 - 0000
16Lendo winniams juniorWinniams200000 - 200
17Nino SirokyMarsos GP2 - - - 101000
18Murray marsosMarsos GP1 - 10000 - 00
19Lendo mortiniTini racing1000010 - 00
20Lendo yintiniTini racing1000000100
Season custom standings - positions drivers
NrDriverTeamTotalNorrisringAssenBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitZolderLeeuwarden streetBerner alps
1Lendo KikeHa Racing1141 - 1 - 27 - 31
2Lendo YintieMercedesLY1138321693110
3Jappie het woudjeJHW10151927245 -
4Lendo MortisJHW99246 - 91662
5Lendo harryHa Racing833 - 4 - 44249
6Mike hawkinsHypertech7762 - - - 612 -
7Witje het woudjePansia74 - 55533 - 94
8Eduardo tuiHypertech6410 - 38115 - 83
9Lendo ToeceronaMercedesLY48 - 98488577
10Sammie veenstraTTLracing3846109 - 5 - 108
11Tim veenstraTTLracing309 - 7614167116
12Marty plasaPansia26 - 7117 - - 8125
13Simon PottsHypertech25 - - - 35 - - - -
14Sandy marsosMarsos GP6711 - - - - - - -
15Lendo winniamsWinniams41181514 - 12121515
16Lendo winniams juniorWinniams21413131312 - 91813
17Nino SirokyMarsos GP2 - - - 101110111311
18Murray marsosMarsos GP1 - 1012121311 - 1412
19Lendo mortiniTini racing1131416111014 - 1716
20Lendo yintiniTini racing1121214151513101614
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Season custom standings - points constructors
Nr TeamDriverTotalNorrisringAssenBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitZolderLeeuwarden streetBerner alps
1  Jappie het woudje10110252186181210 -
1  Lendo Mortis9918128 - 2258818
2Ha RacingTotal1974003703018182727
2  Lendo Kike11425 - 25 - 186 - 1525
2  Lendo harry8315 - 12 - 121218122
3 1HypertechTotal1669181519358252215
3  Mike hawkins77818 - - - 82518 -
3  Eduardo tui641 - 154250 - 415
3  Simon Potts25 - - - 1510 - - - -
4  Lendo Yintie11341518258215251
4  Lendo Toecerona48 - 2412441066
5  Witje het woudje74 - 1010101515 - 212
5  Marty plasa26 - 606 - - 4010
6  Sammie veenstra3812812 - 10 - 14
6  Tim veenstra302 - 6800608
7Marsos GPTotal9610101000
7  Sandy marsos660 - - - - - - -
7  Nino Siroky2 - - - 101000
7  Murray marsos1 - 10000 - 00
8  Lendo winniams40400 - 0000
8  Lendo winniams junior200000 - 200
9Tini racingTotal2000010100
9  Lendo yintini1000000100
9  Lendo mortini1000010 - 00
Season custom standings - positions constructors
Nr TeamDriverTotalNorrisringAssenBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitZolderLeeuwarden streetBerner alps
1JHWTotal200 - - - - - - - - -
1  Jappie het woudje10151927245 -
1  Lendo Mortis99246 - 91662
2Ha RacingTotal197 - - - - - - - - -
2  Lendo Kike1141 - 1 - 27 - 31
2  Lendo harry833 - 4 - 44249
3HypertechTotal166 - - - - - - - - -
3  Mike hawkins7762 - - - 612 -
3  Eduardo tui6410 - 38115 - 83
3  Simon Potts25 - - - 35 - - - -
4MercedesLYTotal161 - - - - - - - - -
4  Lendo Yintie1138321693110
4  Lendo Toecerona48 - 98488577
5PansiaTotal100 - - - - - - - - -
5  Witje het woudje74 - 55533 - 94
5  Marty plasa26 - 7117 - - 8125
6TTLracingTotal68 - - - - - - - - -
6  Sammie veenstra3846109 - 5 - 108
6  Tim veenstra309 - 7614167116
7Marsos GPTotal9 - - - - - - - - -
7  Sandy marsos6711 - - - - - - -
7  Nino Siroky2 - - - 101110111311
7  Murray marsos1 - 1012121311 - 1412
8WinniamsTotal6 - - - - - - - - -
8  Lendo winniams41181514 - 12121515
8  Lendo winniams junior21413131312 - 91813
9Tini racingTotal2 - - - - - - - - -
9  Lendo yintini1121214151513101614
9  Lendo mortini1131416111014 - 1716
S points for sprints based on selected point system.
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