What would a F1 season look like with a different points system?

Use the F1 points simulator / calculator to create your own points system definition. Ever wanted to apply a non-standard point system to figure something out, a nagging what-if or just to see what would have been the outcome if things were different?

Provide your points per position and hit simulate! Note, you can use 'TAB' to easily cycle through the fields. If you want to reset, just hit the reset-button on the top right of the input fields. You can publish using the switch. You can update your displayname in the profile section.
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Selected F1 PSS: 25 points + f-lap + sprint ext
In this point system the top 10 drivers are awarded points in each GP. Starting from 25 till 1. In addition 1 point is awarded for fastest lap if the driver has been classified in the top 10. This point system includes points for sprint with extended points upto place 8 if that data is available for the season.
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Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Position 7
Position 8
Position 9
Position 10
Position 11
Position 12
Position 13
Position 14
Position 15
Position 16
Position 17
Position 18
Position 19
Position 20
Position 21
Position 22
Position 23
Position 24
Position 25
Position 26
Position 27
Position 28
Position 29
Position 30

Points multiplier for last x GPs
Last x GPs points multiplied
Points for fastest lap
Fastest lap max position
Points for pole position

Sprint pos 1
Sprint pos 2
Sprint pos 3
Sprint pos 4
Sprint pos 5
Sprint pos 6
Sprint pos 7
Sprint pos 8
Sprint pos 9
Sprint pos 10
Sprint pos 11
Sprint pos 12
Sprint pos 13
Sprint pos 14
Sprint pos 15
Sprint pos 16
Sprint pos 17
Sprint pos 18
Sprint pos 19
Sprint pos 20
Sprint pos 21
Sprint pos 22
Sprint pos 23
Sprint pos 24
Sprint pos 25
Sprint pos 26
Sprint pos 27
Sprint pos 28
Sprint pos 29
Sprint pos 30



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Create your own point scoring system (PSS). You have several options:
  • You can create your very own PSS by using the fields. Input for each position how many points it should award.
  • You can use a existing F1 PSS by using the right PSS menu
  • You can select a non-F1 PSS by using the non-F1-PSS menu.

How the different fields work:
  • Position x: amount of points for finishing in this position.
  • Points multiplier for last x GPs: how many times the points are multiplied for the last GPs (this was 2x for season 2014). X is determined by the next field.
  • Last x GPs points multiplied: how many GPs before the end of the season are multiplied with the previous field (this was 1x for season 2014).
  • Points for fastest lap: amount of points for fastest lap in a grand prix.
  • Fastest lap max position: applies a limit on the finishing position in order to qualify for the fastest lap (in the 2019 PSS this is 10, in the 1950 PSS this was not applicable (n/a)). If you use n/a if will also give points to non-classified drivers.
  • Points for pole position: amount of points for a pole position in a grand prix. Based on starting grid. These points are not influenced by classification, halve or split points in a GP.
  • Click the checkbox to use full points in case for a certain GP halve points were awarded.

  • Points only: the outcomes of the simulator show the points achieved under your custom PSS. It does not reflect championship positions. Refer for championship details to the definitions.
  • Classified: the simulator does (as the rest of this site) account for classified positions. This means that a position only receives points if the driver got classified during the GP (driver completed 90% of the laps of the race winner). Click a specific GP to see the details.
  • Multiple times the same position will split the points equally. In the early days multiple drivers could have achieved the same end result (through car sharing). Also you can do this manually in the positions editor.
  • You can use TAB to cycle through the fields. And if you want a reset, just click the logo
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