Harrian racing series (HRS) season 1

by Mortis
last update: 2024-02-18 21:09:21
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(Quick note season 2 is out now)

This in a world where f1 does not exist and there where some rich racers who wanted to make there own racing series named after the driver who is the best of them : Lendo Harry thats why they call it the harrian racing series . They where thinking of starting it in germany with 6 races there and afdingen the season in the berner alps The points system is the same as f1 but without fastest lap point but they are just with 5 People and they wanted a minimum of 8 teams with each having 2 drivers and a Reserve and they are all gona make their own team but than it are just 5 and they want 8 but they adventuly they managed to get the marsos familly in to the series and after a long search they got the winniams team with lendo winniams at that point they just neaded to get one more team in to the series witch was lendo mortini with tini racing and his sister lendo yintini their origin is from China thats why they use the familly name as first name

Its now february 15 and they present the callender to world they reveal that the season is gona start at july 7 at the norrisring one week later they go to Berlin street at july 14 than at july 28 they go to the hokkenheimring than at august 11 they go to Frankfurt street before going to the nurburgring GP circuit at august 18 the week after they go to Hamburg street before anding the season in the berner alps

The teams Will get 4 months and 21 day to get the cars ready for the 1st race those teams are 

Ha Racing with Lendo Harry (27 British) Lendo toecerona (34 Dutch) and their Reserve Potter katsma (26 Dutch)

Pansia with Lendo Kike (38 Irish) Marty Plasa (43 Norwegian) and their Reserve Marty Plasa Junior (24 Norwegian)

TTLracing with Sammie Veenstra (23 Belgian) Tim Veenstra (27 Belgian) and their Reserve Lendo Tieski (24 Dutch)

Hypertech with eduardo tui (21 Australian) Mike Hawkins (19 Costa rician) and their Reserve Simon Potts (22 German)

JHW With Jappie Het Woudje (17 Dutch) Witje Het Woudje (16 Dutch) and their Reserve Lendo Mortis (25 Dutch)

Marsos GP with Sandy Marsos (39 Canadian) Murray Marsos (32 Canadian) Nino Siroky (29 Canadian)

Winniams with Lendo Winniams (44 American) Lendo Winniams Junior (21 American) and their Reserve Lendo Olaiva (27 British)

Tini Racing with Lendo Mortini (22 Chinees) Lendo Yintini (20 Chinees) and their Reserve Potter katsma junior (19 Dutch)

After months of waiting we finaly are at pre season testing day

Lendo Harry     Ha Racing 

Sandy Marsos     Marsos GP 

Eduardo Tui        Hypertech 

Lendo Winniams        Winniams

Lendo Kike       Pansia

Jappie Het Woudje       JHW

Sammie Veenstra      TTLracing

Lendo Mortini       Tini Racing

The testing day was unfortunatly just for 1 driver per team so the other driver and the Reserve could not drive .

Race 1 Norrisring 

Pole : Lendo Harry

Fastest lap : Murray Marsos 

The first race of the season was held at the norrisring in qualifying Harry was dominating with 5 thents ahead of P2 Sandy Marsos with Harries teammate starting in P3 just ahead of Mike Hawkins in P4 at the start of the race we saw Lendo Winniams hit Witje Het Woudje what brought us an early safety car after the safety car when we where racing again we saw Lendo Kike having a briliant overtake on Eduardo Tui for P6 after a long race we saw Harry take home the victory infront of Mike Hawkins and Murray Marsos 

Race 2 Berlin street

Pole : Lendo Toecerona

Fastest lap : 

In qualifying we saw Lendo Harry crash in to the after a lot of oversteer in the last corner of the track what means he Will start in dead last and because of that we got a verry close quali with Lendo Toecerona take pole with a couple hondreds ahead of Mike Hawkins And in P3 Jappie Het Woudje with a super quali result

Then in the race Toecerona starting from pole didn't got away verry well with Mike Hawkins taking the lead strait away a couple Laps in to the race and Harry already got up to P12 with Lendo Mortini up ahead now a couple Laps later and Harry is still stuck behind Mortini who is devending really well but then Harry from far back launches himself down the inside barely making the corner but now Mortini with a better exit makes the switchback and is back ahead and manages to keep Harry behind and overtake Lendo Winniams in the proces and with Sandy Marsos retiring with engine problems is mortini finishing in P10 but back at the top was it Mike Hawkins who won and is leading the drivers Championship

Race 3 Hokkenheimring

Pole : Eduardo Tui

Fastest Lap : 

In Quali we saw Eduardo Tui take pole after an hard quali for him afer going trough the gravel on his first Lap but in his Lap after that he managed to get 5 thousands ahead of Harry who was leading the the whole sesion 

Now the race Eduardo Tui got away well and is leading the race with Harry close behind at the same time Winniams Junior overtook 3 cars to get in to P12 with his teammate up head now where getting closer to the end and Lendo Kike tries to overtake her teammate around the oudside but Marty Plasa hits her and she spins off in to the gravel and is stuck and all of this brings out an safety car . After the safety car we saw Mike Hawkins get up to P5 and that on the last lap and up front we see Harry win ahead of Tui and Sandy Marsos in P3 Mike Hawkins is still leading but with Harry being just 3 points of is there still a fight for the title

Race 4 Frankfurt street

Pole : Lendo Harry

Fastest lap : 

In Quali we saw Lendo Harry be the quickest being just ahead of Mike Hawkins in P2 and Lendo Kike in P3 after Toecerona made a spin in to the wall and again we got a great show of 1 of the JHW's with Witje Het Woudje in P4 

In the race we saw Lendo Kike go by the both of them in to the lead after a couple Laps we saw Jappie Het Woudje climb up to P5 behind his teammate Harry tries to go down the inside of Lendo Kike and because of that they go wide and make room for Mike Hawkins to overtake them both but a couple Laps later Hawkins locks up and goes wide wath means that Kike Will take the lead again a little later we see Murray Marsos standing be the side of the track with fire coming out of the back of the car wath means he is out and then at the finish we see Kike win ahead of Harry and Hawkins and Harry and Hawkins are tide in the Championship

Race 5 nurburgring GP circuit

Pole : Mike Hawkins

Fastest lap : Lendo Harry

In quali we saw Hawkins take pole ahead of the verry Quick Lendo Kike in P2 and Harry behind in P3 and Toecerona whos back in the top 5 with her P4 we also saw the two Marsos GP cars being verry slow wath meant that they are starting in P12 and P15

Than the race we see Harry get Kike nearly one second after the start and is now behind his title rival Mike Hawkins more in the back we see Jappie Het Woudje hit Marty Plasa and Lendo Winniams junior wath brings the first ever red flag of the series later the race restarts and we see Harry get spon round by Kike while Hawkins gets a far lead now ahead of Toecerona and Witje Het Woudje and Harry now being in P11 Will have to do a lot this race to get to Hawkins if thats even posible but one thing is for shure he Will have a long race ahead of him a couple Laps later and Harry is up in to P6 with now ahead Kike hes almost up in to P5 whilst Hawkins is still leading but then Harry sinds it down the inside of Kike and goes by just Tui,Witje Het Woudje and his teammate Toecerona up ahead whilst we see Harry tries and close up Tui overtakes Witje Het Woudje for P3 and the fighting let Harry close up and be on the tail of Het Woudje and directly makes the overtake in the brake zone now with only Tui and Toecerona between him and Hawkins hes having a briliant race but then with 5 Laps to go Tui engine blows and hes forced to retire luckely he placed his car well so there does not have to be a safety car and then on the last lap we see Toecerona get team orders and she has to let Harry go by so he can minimelies the points loss to Hawkins who won the race 

With 2 races left to go we get the anouncement that were going to assen for the dutch GP and to zolder for the belgian GP and that were no longer gona go to the Hamburg street race and the reason for that is that the People in Hamburg are not happy with the race coming this year and if the race where to Come next year they would Block the trucks of the teams to Come to the track

Race 6 Hamburg street 

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : Lendo Kike

In quali Hawkins took pole with 1 second ahead of Harry in P2 and Toecerona in P3 we also saw Witje Het Woudje crash in turn 7 so he starts last

The race is underway in a lot of Rain today and we see Harry try to go down the inside but misjuged the breaking point slides out wide and Hawkins takes back the lead and fundering down we see a masive crash after Toecerona spon and creates a masive crash involving marty plasa ,Sandy Marsos, Sammie Veenstra and Eduardo Tui wath brings out an red flag after the restart there are just 11 cars remaining and then Harry tries again an overtake on Hawkins and makes the turn this time and now leads the race and he Will go on to win the race ahead of Kike,Hawkins and Jappie Het Woudje and we also have both tini racing cars in the points and with Harry winning and Hawkins finishing in P3 Harry Will now be leading the Championship by 3 points going in to the last race

And now we get a big anouncement Kike Will be joining HA Racing for next season and Witje Het Woudje will join pansia and mortis will be getting the JHW seat 

Race 7 berner alps

Pole : Mike Hawkins 

Fastest lap : 

In Quali Mike Hawkins took his 3rd pole in a row and Will just start ahead of Toecerona and Kike with Harry being in P5 the opportunity is still there for Hawkins to take the title away from the series creator 

In the race We see Hawkins stall of the line and Toecerona and kike go by and Harry is now just 2 spots of hawkins but then we see an opportunistic move of Jappie Het Woudje the overtake Harry and go up in to P5 later that race we see Hawkins still in P3 but Harry whos just getting by sammie veenstra goes up in to P4 and is now just behind Hawkins and some Laps later harry sends an all or nothing move on Hawkins and they hit eachother and go of in to the wall togetter and the're out and we see Hawkins get out with a lot of rage and anger and screams wath the f... were you thinking you just crashed me out so you would be champion! After that the race still continues and in the end Toecerona wins ahead of Kike and Sammie Veenstra. 

After the season Harry and HA Racing win both Championships

I got this idee from J T you should also watch his there great and there calt globel racing Championship 

Custom season

GP results
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note: champion indication is based on all results and does not take into account season specific championship rules.
Season custom standings - points drivers
NrDriverTeamTotalNorrisringBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitHamburg streetBerner alps
1Lendo harryHa Racing11125025181825 -
2Mike hawkinsHypertech108182510152515 -
3Lendo toeceronaHa Racing8010186615 - 25
4Lendo kikePansia7582 - 2541818
5Murray marsosMarsos GP4815128 - 661
6Eduardo tuiHypertech47415180 - 82
7Tim veenstraTTLracing460612210106
8Jappie het woudjeJHW45110010 - 1212
9Sandy marsosMarsos GP3912 - 1580 - 4
10Witje het woudjeJHW38 - 401212 - 10
11Sammie veenstraTTLracing3560248 - 15
12Marty plasaPansia232841 - - 8
13Lendo mortiniTini racing50100040
14Lendo winniamsWinniams3 - 010200
15Lendo winniams juniorWinniams20000 - 20
16Lendo yintiniTini racing20000110
Season custom standings - positions drivers
NrDriverTeamTotalNorrisringBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitHamburg streetBerner alps
1Lendo harryHa Racing1111111221 -
2Mike hawkinsHypertech108215313 -
3Lendo toeceronaHa Racing8052773 - 1
4Lendo kikePansia7569 - 1822
5Murray marsosMarsos GP48346 - 7710
6Eduardo tuiHypertech4783211 - 69
7Tim veenstraTTLracing4611749557
8Jappie het woudjeJHW45105145 - 44
9Sandy marsosMarsos GP394 - 3612 - 8
10Witje het woudjeJHW38 - 81144 - 5
11Sammie veenstraTTLracing35712986 - 3
12Marty plasaPansia2396810 - - 6
13Lendo mortiniTini racing51210131211814
14Lendo winniamsWinniams3 - 13101391113
15Lendo winniams juniorWinniams213151214 - 911
16Lendo yintiniTini racing214141515101012
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Season custom standings - points constructors
Nr TeamDriverTotalNorrisringBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitHamburg streetBerner alps
1Ha RacingTotal19135183124332525
1  Lendo harry11125025181825 -
1  Lendo toecerona8010186615 - 25
2  Mike hawkins108182510152515 -
2  Eduardo tui47415180 - 82
3 1PansiaTotal98101042641826
3  Lendo kike7582 - 2541818
3  Marty plasa232841 - - 8
4-1Marsos GPTotal872712238665
4  Murray marsos4815128 - 661
4  Sandy marsos3912 - 1580 - 4
5  Jappie het woudje45110010 - 1212
5  Witje het woudje38 - 401212 - 10
6  Tim veenstra460612210106
6  Sammie veenstra3560248 - 15
7Tini racingTotal70100150
7  Lendo mortini50100040
7  Lendo yintini20000110
8  Lendo winniams3 - 010200
8  Lendo winniams junior20000 - 20
Season custom standings - positions constructors
Nr TeamDriverTotalNorrisringBerlin streetHokkenheimringFrankfurt streetNurburgring GP circuitHamburg streetBerner alps
1Ha RacingTotal191 - - - - - - -
1  Lendo harry1111111221 -
1  Lendo toecerona8052773 - 1
2HypertechTotal155 - - - - - - -
2  Mike hawkins108215313 -
2  Eduardo tui4783211 - 69
3PansiaTotal98 - - - - - - -
3  Lendo kike7569 - 1822
3  Marty plasa2396810 - - 6
4Marsos GPTotal87 - - - - - - -
4  Murray marsos48346 - 7710
4  Sandy marsos394 - 3612 - 8
5JHWTotal83 - - - - - - -
5  Jappie het woudje45105145 - 44
5  Witje het woudje38 - 81144 - 5
6TTLracingTotal81 - - - - - - -
6  Tim veenstra4611749557
6  Sammie veenstra35712986 - 3
7Tini racingTotal7 - - - - - - -
7  Lendo mortini51210131211814
7  Lendo yintini214141515101012
8WinniamsTotal5 - - - - - - -
8  Lendo winniams3 - 13101391113
8  Lendo winniams junior213151214 - 911
S points for sprints based on selected point system.
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