How are F1 points distributed over drivers?

This section is about the Formula 1 all time points based on the selected F1 points system. This view shows the points distribution for all drivers based on their career all time total.
Distribution information:
The selected points system has an average 218.7 points with a median 29 of points.
A 5th order polynomial regression has been applied on the dataset. In order not to get significant impact of the later - extended - data, only drivers with 300 or less points (82.1% of all drivers) are taken into account. Note: once the function hits the value of 1 in the graph, it remains at 1.
The selected points system has 269 drivers with zero points.
The all time points distribution view shows a distribution of all drivers based on the total points achieved in their career (based on the selected points system). So you can see how many drivers scored x points overall. The graph contains only drivers with points.
In order to provide an (smoothed) indication on the expected number of drivers with a certain number of points, two type of estimations are added to the graph: moving average and polynomial regression.
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