Who has the most hattricks in F1?

The formula 1 analysis section provides different basic F1 statistics. This view shows the hattricks for each F1 driver. A hattrick is the pole, fastest lap and win in a single GP.
    Nr    Driver    Hattricks    Total GPs    Average hattricks / GP
1Michael Schumacher223067.2%
2Lewis Hamilton193106.1%
3Jim Clark117215.3%
4Juan Manuel Fangio95117.6%
5Alain Prost81994%
6Sebastian Vettel82992.7%
7Alberto Ascari73221.9%
8Ayrton Senna71614.3%
9Damon Hill51154.3%
10Mika Hakkinen51613.1%
11Max Verstappen51633.1%
12Nigel Mansell51862.7%
13Fernando Alonso53551.4%
14Stirling Moss4666.1%
15Jackie Stewart4994%
16Jacky Ickx41143.5%
17Felipe Massa42691.5%
18John Surtees31112.7%
19Jack Brabham31252.4%
20Niki Lauda31711.8%
21Nelson Piquet32031.5%
22Nico Rosberg32061.5%
23James Hunt2922.2%
24Charles Leclerc21031.9%
25Alan Jones21161.7%
26Mario Andretti21281.6%
27Jacques Villeneuve21631.2%
28Jacques Laffite21761.1%
29Graham Hill21771.1%
30Valtteri Bottas22001%
31Gerhard Berger22101%
32Rubens Barrichello23220.6%
33Kimi Räikkönen23490.6%
34Bill Vukovich1520%
35Giuseppe Farina1342.9%
36Mike Hawthorn1452.2%
37Phil Hill1482.1%
38Jochen Rindt1601.7%
39Gilles Villeneuve1671.5%
40Juan Pablo Montoya1941.1%
41Jo Siffert1961%
42Ronnie Peterson11230.8%
43Clay Regazzoni11320.8%
44Carlos Reutemann11460.7%
45David Coulthard12460.4%
46Jenson Button13060.3%
    Nr    Driver    Average hattricks    Hattricks    Total GPs
1Alberto Ascari21.9%732
2Bill Vukovich20%15
3Juan Manuel Fangio17.6%951
4Jim Clark15.3%1172
5Michael Schumacher7.2%22306
6Lewis Hamilton6.1%19310
7Stirling Moss6.1%466
8Damon Hill4.3%5115
9Ayrton Senna4.3%7161
10Jackie Stewart4%499
11Alain Prost4%8199
12Jacky Ickx3.5%4114
13Mika Hakkinen3.1%5161
13Max Verstappen3.1%5163
15Giuseppe Farina2.9%134
16John Surtees2.7%3111
17Nigel Mansell2.7%5186
18Sebastian Vettel2.7%8299
19Jack Brabham2.4%3125
20Mike Hawthorn2.2%145
21James Hunt2.2%292
22Phil Hill2.1%148
23Charles Leclerc1.9%2103
24Niki Lauda1.8%3171
25Alan Jones1.7%2116
26Jochen Rindt1.7%160
27Mario Andretti1.6%2128
28Gilles Villeneuve1.5%167
29Felipe Massa1.5%4269
30Nelson Piquet1.5%3203
30Nico Rosberg1.5%3206
32Fernando Alonso1.4%5355
33Jacques Villeneuve1.2%2163
33Jacques Laffite1.1%2176
33Graham Hill1.1%2177
36Juan Pablo Montoya1.1%194
36Jo Siffert1%196
38Valtteri Bottas1%2200
38Gerhard Berger1%2210
40Ronnie Peterson0.8%1123
40Clay Regazzoni0.8%1132
40Carlos Reutemann0.7%1146
43Rubens Barrichello0.6%2322
43Kimi Räikkönen0.6%2349
45David Coulthard0.4%1246
45Jenson Button0.3%1306

In calculating the average hattricks ranking, only drivers are included with a minimum of 5 GP entries. Only one digit of the average hattricks is shown.

In the hattricks view, drivers are ranked based of hattricks (pole, fastest lap and win in a single GP) achieved.
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