The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Caterham
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
12014Abu DhabiKamui Kobayashi180 (not classified)
22014Abu DhabiWill Stevens170
32014RussiaKamui Kobayashi200 (not classified)
42014RussiaMarcus Ericsson190
52014JapanKamui Kobayashi190
62014JapanMarcus Ericsson170
72014SingaporeMarcus Ericsson150
82014ItalyMarcus Ericsson190
92014ItalyKamui Kobayashi170
102014BelgiumAndre Lotterer220 (not classified)
112014BelgiumMarcus Ericsson170
122014HungaryMarcus Ericsson220 (not classified)
132014HungaryKamui Kobayashi180 (not classified)
142014GermanyMarcus Ericsson180
152014GermanyKamui Kobayashi160
162014Great BritainMarcus Ericsson190 (not classified)
172014Great BritainKamui Kobayashi150
182014AustriaMarcus Ericsson180
192014AustriaKamui Kobayashi160
202014CanadaMarcus Ericsson200 (not classified)
212014CanadaKamui Kobayashi180 (not classified)
222014MonacoKamui Kobayashi130
232014MonacoMarcus Ericsson110
242014SpainKamui Kobayashi210 (not classified)
252014SpainMarcus Ericsson200
262014ChinaMarcus Ericsson200
272014ChinaKamui Kobayashi180
282014BahrainMarcus Ericsson200 (not classified)
292014BahrainKamui Kobayashi150
302014MalaysiaMarcus Ericsson140
312014MalaysiaKamui Kobayashi130
322014AustraliaKamui Kobayashi210 (not classified)
332014AustraliaMarcus Ericsson170 (not classified)
342013BrazilCharles Pic200 (not classified)
352013BrazilGiedo van der Garde180
362013United StatesCharles Pic200
372013United StatesGiedo van der Garde190
382013Abu DhabiCharles Pic190
392013Abu DhabiGiedo van der Garde180
402013IndiaGiedo van der Garde220 (not classified)
412013IndiaCharles Pic210 (not classified)
422013JapanGiedo van der Garde210 (not classified)
432013JapanCharles Pic180
442013KoreaGiedo van der Garde150
452013KoreaCharles Pic140
462013SingaporeCharles Pic190
472013SingaporeGiedo van der Garde160
482013ItalyGiedo van der Garde180
492013ItalyCharles Pic170
502013BelgiumCharles Pic220 (not classified)
512013BelgiumGiedo van der Garde160
522013HungaryCharles Pic150
532013HungaryGiedo van der Garde140
542013GermanyGiedo van der Garde180
552013GermanyCharles Pic170
562013Great BritainGiedo van der Garde180
572013Great BritainCharles Pic150
582013CanadaGiedo van der Garde220 (not classified)
592013CanadaCharles Pic180
602013MonacoCharles Pic220 (not classified)
612013MonacoGiedo van der Garde150
622013SpainGiedo van der Garde210 (not classified)
632013SpainCharles Pic170
642013BahrainGiedo van der Garde210
652013BahrainCharles Pic170
662013ChinaGiedo van der Garde180
672013ChinaCharles Pic160
682013MalaysiaGiedo van der Garde150
692013MalaysiaCharles Pic140
702013AustraliaGiedo van der Garde180
712013AustraliaCharles Pic160
722012BrazilHeikki Kovalainen140
732012BrazilVitaly Petrov110
742012United StatesHeikki Kovalainen180
752012United StatesVitaly Petrov170
762012Abu DhabiVitaly Petrov160
772012Abu DhabiHeikki Kovalainen130
782012IndiaHeikki Kovalainen180
792012IndiaVitaly Petrov170
802012KoreaHeikki Kovalainen170
812012KoreaVitaly Petrov160
822012JapanVitaly Petrov170
832012JapanHeikki Kovalainen150
842012SingaporeVitaly Petrov190
852012SingaporeHeikki Kovalainen150
862012ItalyVitaly Petrov150
872012ItalyHeikki Kovalainen140
882012BelgiumHeikki Kovalainen170
892012BelgiumVitaly Petrov140
902012HungaryVitaly Petrov190
912012HungaryHeikki Kovalainen170
922012GermanyHeikki Kovalainen190
932012GermanyVitaly Petrov160
942012Great BritainHeikki Kovalainen170
952012EuropeHeikki Kovalainen140
962012EuropeVitaly Petrov130
972012CanadaVitaly Petrov190
982012CanadaHeikki Kovalainen180
992012MonacoVitaly Petrov200 (not classified)
1002012MonacoHeikki Kovalainen130
1012012SpainVitaly Petrov170
1022012SpainHeikki Kovalainen160
1032012BahrainHeikki Kovalainen170
1042012BahrainVitaly Petrov160
1052012ChinaHeikki Kovalainen230
1062012ChinaVitaly Petrov180
1072012MalaysiaHeikki Kovalainen180
1082012MalaysiaVitaly Petrov160
1092012AustraliaVitaly Petrov190 (not classified)
1102012AustraliaHeikki Kovalainen180 (not classified)
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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