The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Ensign
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
11982ItalyRoberto Guerrero130 (not classified)
21982SwitzerlandRoberto Guerrero250 (not classified)
31982AustriaRoberto Guerrero210 (not classified)
41982GermanyRoberto Guerrero84
51982Great BritainRoberto Guerrero200 (not classified)
61982CanadaRoberto Guerrero210 (not classified)
71982USA EastRoberto Guerrero190 (not classified)
81982USA WestRoberto Guerrero140 (not classified)
91981Las VegasEliseo Salazar140 (not classified)
101981CanadaEliseo Salazar210 (not classified)
111981ItalyEliseo Salazar180 (not classified)
121981NetherlandsEliseo Salazar68
131981AustriaEliseo Salazar150 (not classified)
141981GermanyEliseo Salazar160 (not classified)
151981SwitzerlandEliseo Salazar230 (not classified)
161981SpainEliseo Salazar140
171981MonacoMarc Surer68
181981BelgiumMarc Surer110
191981San MarinoMarc Surer92
201981ArgentinaMarc Surer200 (not classified)
211981BrazilMarc Surer413 (incl. +1 fastest lap point)
221981USA WestMarc Surer90 (not classified)
231980USA EastJan Lammers210 (not classified)
241980CanadaJan Lammers120
251980NetherlandsGeoff Lees180 (not classified)
261980GermanyJan Lammers140
271980BelgiumTiff Needell200 (not classified)
281980USA WestClay Regazzoni120 (not classified)
291980South AfricaClay Regazzoni92
301980BrazilClay Regazzoni210 (not classified)
311980ArgentinaClay Regazzoni100 (not classified)
321979USA EastMarc Surer130 (not classified)
331979AustriaPatrick Gaillard120 (not classified)
341979Great BritainPatrick Gaillard130
351979USA WestDerek Daly110 (not classified)
361979BrazilDerek Daly130
371979ArgentinaDerek Daly110
381978CanadaDerek Daly68
391978USA EastBrett Lunger130
401978USA EastDerek Daly84
411978ItalyDerek Daly101
421978NetherlandsDerek Daly230 (not classified)
431978AustriaHarald Ertl200 (not classified)
441978AustriaDerek Daly250 (not classified)
451978GermanyNelson Piquet140 (not classified)
461978GermanyHarald Ertl110
471978Great BritainDerek Daly200 (not classified)
481978SpainJacky Ickx160 (not classified)
491978BelgiumJacky Ickx120
501978MonacoJacky Ickx170 (not classified)
511978BrazilDanny Ongais190 (not classified)
521978ArgentinaLamberto Leoni220 (not classified)
531978ArgentinaDanny Ongais210 (not classified)
541977GermanyClay Regazzoni240 (not classified)
551977JapanPatrick Tambay170 (not classified)
561977JapanClay Regazzoni140 (not classified)
571977CanadaClay Regazzoni250 (not classified)
581977CanadaPatrick Tambay510
591977USA EastClay Regazzoni510
601977ItalyPatrick Tambay200 (not classified)
611977ItalyClay Regazzoni510
621977NetherlandsClay Regazzoni190 (not classified)
631977NetherlandsPatrick Tambay510
641977AustriaClay Regazzoni260 (not classified)
651977AustriaPatrick Tambay200 (not classified)
661977GermanyPatrick Tambay68
671977Great BritainPatrick Tambay250 (not classified)
681977FranceClay Regazzoni76
691977SwedenClay Regazzoni76
701977BelgiumClay Regazzoni190 (not classified)
711977MonacoJacky Ickx101
721977SpainClay Regazzoni230 (not classified)
731977USA WestClay Regazzoni130 (not classified)
741977South AfricaClay Regazzoni92
751977BrazilClay Regazzoni180 (not classified)
761977ArgentinaClay Regazzoni68
771976USA EastJacky Ickx220 (not classified)
781976CanadaJacky Ickx130
791976ItalyJacky Ickx101
801976NetherlandsJacky Ickx130 (not classified)
811976AustriaHans Binder130 (not classified)
821976GermanyChris Amon230 (not classified)
831976Great BritainChris Amon190 (not classified)
841976FrancePatrick Neve180
851976SwedenChris Amon190 (not classified)
861976MonacoChris Amon130
871976BelgiumChris Amon150 (not classified)
881976SpainChris Amon510
891976USA WestChris Amon84
901976South AfricaChris Amon140
911975United StatesRoelof Wunderink140 (not classified)
921975ItalyChris Amon120
931975AustriaRoelof Wunderink180 (not classified)
941975AustriaChris Amon120
951975GermanyGijs Van Lennep68
961975FranceGijs Van Lennep150
971975NetherlandsGijs Van Lennep101
981975SpainRoelof Wunderink140 (not classified)
991974United StatesMike Wilds140 (not classified)
1001974GermanyVern Schuppan210 (not classified)
1011974NetherlandsVern Schuppan250
1021974SwedenVern Schuppan260 (not classified)
1031974MonacoVern Schuppan170 (not classified)
1041974BelgiumVern Schuppan150
1051973United StatesRikky von Opel240 (not classified)
1061973CanadaRikky von Opel200 (not classified)
1071973ItalyRikky von Opel220 (not classified)
1081973AustriaRikky von Opel140 (not classified)
1091973Great BritainRikky von Opel130
1101973FranceRikky von Opel150
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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