The formula 1 GP breakdown view provides each race result for the selected F1 team / constructor under the selected points scoring system.
GP breakdown for Lola
    Nr    Season    Grandprix    Driver    Place    Points
11993PortugalMichele Alboreto200 (not classified)
21993PortugalLuca Badoer140
31993ItalyMichele Alboreto150 (not classified)
41993ItalyLuca Badoer101
51993BelgiumMichele Alboreto140
61993BelgiumLuca Badoer130
71993HungaryLuca Badoer190 (not classified)
81993HungaryMichele Alboreto170 (not classified)
91993GermanyLuca Badoer240 (not classified)
101993GermanyMichele Alboreto160
111993Great BritainLuca Badoer190 (not classified)
121993FranceLuca Badoer180 (not classified)
131993CanadaLuca Badoer150
141993MonacoMichele Alboreto220 (not classified)
151993SpainLuca Badoer160 (not classified)
161993San MarinoLuca Badoer76
171993EuropeMichele Alboreto110
181993BrazilLuca Badoer120
191993BrazilMichele Alboreto110
201993South AfricaLuca Badoer200 (not classified)
211993South AfricaMichele Alboreto90 (not classified)
221991JapanAguri Suzuki170 (not classified)
231991SpainEric Bernard250 (not classified)
241991PortugalAguri Suzuki200 (not classified)
251991ItalyEric Bernard230 (not classified)
261991BelgiumEric Bernard210 (not classified)
271991HungaryAguri Suzuki240 (not classified)
281991HungaryEric Bernard230 (not classified)
291991GermanyEric Bernard250 (not classified)
301991GermanyAguri Suzuki220 (not classified)
311991Great BritainEric Bernard240 (not classified)
321991Great BritainAguri Suzuki180 (not classified)
331991FranceAguri Suzuki190 (not classified)
341991FranceEric Bernard160 (not classified)
351991MexicoAguri Suzuki150 (not classified)
361991MexicoEric Bernard68
371991CanadaAguri Suzuki250 (not classified)
381991CanadaEric Bernard160 (not classified)
391991MonacoAguri Suzuki210 (not classified)
401991MonacoEric Bernard92
411991San MarinoAguri Suzuki230 (not classified)
421991San MarinoEric Bernard180 (not classified)
431986PortugalAlan Jones240 (not classified)
441986AustraliaAlan Jones230 (not classified)
451986AustraliaPatrick Tambay110 (not classified)
461986MexicoPatrick Tambay250 (not classified)
471986MexicoAlan Jones190 (not classified)
481986PortugalPatrick Tambay150 (not classified)
491986ItalyPatrick Tambay230 (not classified)
501986ItalyAlan Jones68
511986AustriaPatrick Tambay510
521986AustriaAlan Jones412
531986HungaryAlan Jones120 (not classified)
541986HungaryPatrick Tambay76
551986GermanyAlan Jones92
561986GermanyPatrick Tambay84
571986Great BritainAlan Jones200 (not classified)
581986Great BritainPatrick Tambay110 (not classified)
591986FranceAlan Jones260 (not classified)
601986FrancePatrick Tambay130 (not classified)
611986USA EastAlan Jones190 (not classified)
621986USA EastEddie Cheever180 (not classified)
631986CanadaAlan Jones101
641986BelgiumPatrick Tambay250 (not classified)
651986BelgiumAlan Jones110
661986MonacoAlan Jones200 (not classified)
671986MonacoPatrick Tambay140 (not classified)
681986San MarinoPatrick Tambay250 (not classified)
691986San MarinoAlan Jones170 (not classified)
701986SpainAlan Jones240 (not classified)
711986SpainPatrick Tambay84
721986BrazilAlan Jones240 (not classified)
731986BrazilPatrick Tambay160 (not classified)
741985AustraliaAlan Jones210 (not classified)
751985EuropeAlan Jones220 (not classified)
761985ItalyAlan Jones220 (not classified)
771975SpainFrancois Migault150 (not classified)
781975SpainRolf Stommelen100 (reduced points) (not classified)
791975BrazilRolf Stommelen140
801975BrazilGraham Hill120
811975ArgentinaRolf Stommelen130
821975ArgentinaGraham Hill101
831974United StatesRolf Stommelen120
841974United StatesGraham Hill84
851974CanadaGraham Hill140
861974CanadaRolf Stommelen110
871974ItalyRolf Stommelen150 (not classified)
881974ItalyGraham Hill84
891974AustriaRolf Stommelen240 (not classified)
901974AustriaGraham Hill120
911974GermanyGraham Hill92
921974Great BritainPeter Gethin250 (not classified)
931974Great BritainGraham Hill130
941974SwitzerlandGuy Edwards150
951974SwitzerlandGraham Hill130
961974NetherlandsGraham Hill190 (not classified)
971974NetherlandsGuy Edwards160 (not classified)
981974SwedenGuy Edwards76
991974SwedenGraham Hill68
1001974MonacoGuy Edwards84
1011974MonacoGraham Hill76
1021974BelgiumGuy Edwards120
1031974BelgiumGraham Hill84
1041974SpainGraham Hill160 (not classified)
1051974South AfricaGraham Hill120
1061974BrazilGuy Edwards250 (not classified)
1071974BrazilGraham Hill110
1081974ArgentinaGraham Hill140 (not classified)
1091974ArgentinaGuy Edwards110
1101968GermanyHubert Hahne101
1111963MexicoMasten Gregory160 (not classified)
1121963United StatesMasten Gregory180 (not classified)
1131963ItalyBob Anderson120
1141963ItalyMike Hailwood101
1151963GermanyChris Amon190 (not classified)
1161963Great BritainJohn Campbell-Jones130
1171963Great BritainBob Anderson120
1181963Great BritainChris Amon76
1191963FranceChris Amon76
1201963NetherlandsChris Amon140 (not classified)
1211963BelgiumChris Amon160 (not classified)
1221963BelgiumLucien Bianchi110 (not classified)
1231963MonacoMaurice Trintignant120 (not classified)
1241962South AfricaJohn Surtees160 (not classified)
1251962South AfricaRoy Salvadori140 (not classified)
1261962United StatesJohn Surtees170 (not classified)
1271962ItalyRoy Salvadori170 (not classified)
1281962ItalyJohn Surtees160 (not classified)
1291962GermanyRoy Salvadori210 (not classified)
1301962GermanyJohn Surtees218
1311962Great BritainRoy Salvadori180 (not classified)
1321962Great BritainJohn Surtees218
1331962FranceRoy Salvadori130 (not classified)
1341962FranceJohn Surtees510
1351962BelgiumJohn Surtees510
1361962MonacoRoy Salvadori110 (not classified)
1371962MonacoJohn Surtees412
1381962NetherlandsJohn Surtees180 (not classified)
1391962NetherlandsRoy Salvadori170 (not classified)
All the GP entries every achieved by the selected team are displayed.
(not classified) means that the team did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result breakdown based on that points scoring system.
Clicking the season, will show the associated season for the points scoring systems.
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