What are the F1 standings 2002?

The F1 season section provides different takes on the seasons and F1 standings. This is the F1 driver standings season 2002. It contains the graph to see the season progression and the F1 table with the results in both points and positions. Below that are the F1 driver team battles based on the GP results for this season and the F1 calendar. Go to the teammate battles for detailed head-to-head comparison of teammates. Go to the animations section to see the bar chart race of this season.

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note: champion indication is based on selected point scoring system.
Season 2002 standings - points drivers
Nr DriverTeamTotal1234567891011121314151617
1de.webpMichael SchumacherFerrari1441041010101061061010106106610
2br.webpRubens BarrichelloFerrari770006 - 604106 - 310610106
3co.webpJuan Pablo MontoyaWilliams5066236400043604033
4de.webpRalf SchumacherWilliams42010640340302442000
5gb.webpDavid CoulthardMcLaren41004141106004223040
6fi.webpKimi RäikkönenMcLaren2440000003406030004
7gb.webpJenson ButtonRenault1403320000201000201
8it.webpJarno TrulliRenault900000031000000320
9gb.webpEddie IrvineJaguar830000000000001400
10de.webpNick HeidfeldSauber702003000010100000
11it.webpGiancarlo FisichellaJordan70000022200 - 010000
12ca.webpJacques VilleneuveBAR400000000030000010
13br.webpFelipe MassaSauber4010020001000000 - 0
14fr.webpOlivier PanisBAR300000000020000100
15 6jp.webpTakuma SatoJordan200000000000000002
16-1au.webpMark WebberMinardi22000 - 000000000000
17-1fi.webpMika SaloToyota210100000000000000
18-1de.webpHeinz-Harald FrentzenArrows / Sauber20000101000 - 0 - - - 0 -
19-1gb.webpAllan McNishToyota00000000000000000 -
20-1my.webpAlex YoongMinardi00000 - 0000 - 0 - - - 000
21-1es.webpPedro de la RosaJaguar000000000000000000
22br.webpEnrique BernoldiArrows00000000000 - 0 - - - - -
23gb.webpAnthony DavidsonMinardi0 - - - - - - - - - - - - 00 - - -
Season 2002 standings - positions drivers
Nr DriverTeamTotal1234567891011121314151617
1de.webpMichael SchumacherFerrari14413111121211121221
2br.webpRubens BarrichelloFerrari771314212 - 27312 - 412112
3co.webpJuan Pablo MontoyaWilliams502254231716203421131444
4de.webpRalf SchumacherWilliams421412311437485335201611
5gb.webpDavid CoulthardMcLaren41920363612211035547318
6fi.webpKimi RäikkönenMcLaren243181214182019431421141615173
7gb.webpJenson ButtonRenault141844512716155126171819586
8it.webpJarno TrulliRenault9122215910134681513158174514
9gb.webpEddie IrvineJaguar84167131415918191712121963109
10de.webpNick HeidfeldSauber7175141041681276769101097
11it.webpGiancarlo FisichellaJordan71513221917555227 - 106138713
12ca.webpJacques VilleneuveBAR4108107710182212416162089615
13br.webpFelipe MassaSauber41661685191496914771517 - 19
14fr.webpOlivier PanisBAR3192118151318158951714121261217
15 6jp.webpTakuma SatoJordan2119920161721101613188101112115
16-1au.webpMark WebberMinardi25151111 - 12111115208191620161910
17-1fi.webpMika SaloToyota2612617981319171915915711148
18-1de.webpHeinz-Harald FrentzenArrows / Sauber2211119186116131318 - 20 - - - 13 -
19-1gb.webpAllan McNishToyota02071721892217142111181491915 -
20-1my.webpAlex YoongMinardi07171322 - 14201418 - 10 - - - 131816
21-1es.webpPedro de la RosaJaguar08108161922102010119211314182012
22br.webpEnrique BernoldiArrows022192012152112211116 - 13 - - - - -
23gb.webpAnthony DavidsonMinardi0 - - - - - - - - - - - - 1718 - - -
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Season 2002 summary drivers
de.webpMichael Schumacher1144017111771171701.41711.827479000
br.webpRubens Barrichello277671541051121135.07312.88-7-47-9000
co.webpJuan Pablo Montoya35094170732131246.82712.94381000
de.webpRalf Schumacher442102171601151027.06023.47-3-8-1000
gb.webpDavid Coulthard541103171611131147.41025.88517-3000
fi.webpKimi Räikkönen624120170412761011.35025.35-5-173000
gb.webpJenson Button714130170004127510.410610.29-15-7000
it.webpJarno Trulli8913517000484911.18068.711-57000
gb.webpEddie Irvine98136170103731011.940515.41783000
de.webpNick Heidfeld10713717000414439.240510.12737000
it.webpGiancarlo Fisichella11713716000584811.690511.19058000
ca.webpJacques Villeneuve124140170004102711.650712.24513000
br.webpFelipe Massa13414016000583811.690711.88-6-3-6000
fr.webpOlivier Panis143141170005721013.590713.18-5-1-3000
jp.webpTakuma Sato152142170005101712.760715.350-5-8000
au.webpMark Webber162142160005101613.6901819.448213000
fi.webpMika Salo172142170006112612.060813.244212000
de.webpHeinz-Harald Frentzen18214212000672514.0801013.83228000
gb.webpAllan McNish19014416000780815.1301015.81-4-2-12000
my.webpAlex Yoong20014412000750715.1701921-8-2-11000
es.webpPedro de la Rosa21014417000880914.180816.47-7-8-3000
br.webpEnrique Bernoldi220144110001120916.5501217.18-3-2-9000
gb.webpAnthony Davidson23014420001700217.50202000-2000
POS = championship position
PNT = points
PNT Δ = points delta vs leader
GP = grand prix raced
WIN = race wins
PDM = podiums
FL = fastest laps
BR = best race result
FIN = race finishes
PNT F = points finishes
DNF = did not finish (not classified)
AVG R = average race position
PP = pole position
BG = best grid result
AVG G = average grid position
TB GP = teambattle GP
TB PNT = teambattle points
TB G = teambattle grid
SP W = sprint wins
SP PD = sprint podiums
SP PNT = sprint points

F1 head to head and performance of 2002

Go to the season performance section to see the overview of head-to-head comparisons between teammates (race, points and quali) and get insights into the performance of drivers on race day compared to their qualifying position.

F1 teammate battles

Go to the teammate battles for more in depth head-to-head comparison goodness.

Race position distribution

Driver #GP
Michael Schumacher17
Rubens Barrichello15
Juan Pablo Montoya17
Ralf Schumacher17
David Coulthard17
Kimi Räikkönen17
Jenson Button17
Jarno Trulli17
Eddie Irvine17
Nick Heidfeld17
Giancarlo Fisichella16
Jacques Villeneuve17
Felipe Massa16
Olivier Panis17
Takuma Sato17
Mark Webber16
Mika Salo17
Heinz-Harald Frentzen12
Allan McNish16
Alex Yoong12
Pedro de la Rosa17
Enrique Bernoldi11
Anthony Davidson2

Qualifying position distribution

Driver #GP
Michael Schumacher17
Rubens Barrichello17
Juan Pablo Montoya17
Ralf Schumacher17
David Coulthard17
Kimi Räikkönen17
Jenson Button17
Jarno Trulli17
Eddie Irvine17
Nick Heidfeld17
Giancarlo Fisichella16
Jacques Villeneuve17
Felipe Massa16
Olivier Panis17
Takuma Sato17
Mark Webber16
Mika Salo17
Heinz-Harald Frentzen12
Allan McNish16
Alex Yoong11
Pedro de la Rosa17
Enrique Bernoldi11
Anthony Davidson2

Wins in season 2002
Fastest laps in season 2002
Poles in season 2002

Below you will find a summary of career stats for the drivers in this season. As can be found in the deep dive section.
*points displayed are until the present day, not until this specific season.

All time points stats for F1 drivers in season 2002*

    Nr    Driver    Total points    Points rank    Total GPs    Average points    Plain points**    Plain rank    Season normalized points    Normalized rank
1de.webpMichael Schumacher133523064.36 156691185.22
2br.webpRubens Barrichello504103221.57 6581844315
3co.webpJuan Pablo Montoya24136942.56 30735209.248
4de.webpRalf Schumacher259341801.44 32933230.739
5gb.webpDavid Coulthard465142461.89 5352141818
6fi.webpKimi Räikkönen76473492.19 18735620.67
7gb.webpJenson Button460153061.5 123511375.621
8it.webpJarno Trulli146.5582520.58 246.548125.869
9gb.webpEddie Irvine191491461.31 19158176.255
10de.webpNick Heidfeld129651830.7 25945109.772
11it.webpGiancarlo Fisichella195462290.85 27541168.258
12ca.webpJacques Villeneuve220391631.35 23550199.350
13br.webpFelipe Massa388192691.44 116713319.429
14fr.webpOlivier Panis68881570.43 769461.3101
15jp.webpTakuma Sato21131900.23 4411917.8157
16au.webpMark Webber338.5222151.57 1047.515271.833
17fi.webpMika Salo331121090.3 3312430.1125
18de.webpHeinz-Harald Frentzen168551561.08 17467153.361
19gb.webpAllan McNish0346160 03550346
20my.webpAlex Yoong0346150 03550346
21es.webpPedro de la Rosa181401040.17 3512315.3172
22br.webpEnrique Bernoldi0346280 03550346
23gb.webpAnthony Davidson0346240 03550346
*all statistics are until the present day, not until this specific season.
**plain points is the total amount of points accumulated under the original points system for a specific season.

All time stats for F1 drivers in season 2002*

    Nr    Driver    Wins    Win rank    Podiums    Podium rank    Fastest laps    Fastest laps rank    Poles    Poles rank    Best season position
1de.webpMichael Schumacher912 155117716821
2br.webpRubens Barrichello1128 6871172214242
3co.webpJuan Pablo Montoya740 3031123013283
4de.webpRalf Schumacher642 27978416414
5gb.webpDavid Coulthard1323 6255182112342
6fi.webpKimi Räikkönen2116 1033746318181
7gb.webpJenson Button1519 50928418371
8it.webpJarno Trulli179 111661914536
9gb.webpEddie Irvine456 26851910-2
10de.webpNick Heidfeld0- 131502771735
11it.webpGiancarlo Fisichella359 191412774534
12ca.webpJacques Villeneuve1128 2310593813281
13br.webpFelipe Massa1128 4195152416221
14fr.webpOlivier Panis179 51820-0-8
15jp.webpTakuma Sato0- 12120-0-8
16au.webpMark Webber936 4277191613283
17fi.webpMika Salo0- 22020-0-10
18de.webpHeinz-Harald Frentzen359 181216472653
19gb.webpAllan McNish0- 0-0-0-19
20my.webpAlex Yoong0- 0-0-0-20
21es.webpPedro de la Rosa0- 12141910-9
22br.webpEnrique Bernoldi0- 0-0-0-21
23gb.webpAnthony Davidson0- 0-0-0-22
*all statistics are until the present day, not until this specific season.

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F1 calendar 2002

In the driver season view, drivers are compared for the selected season based on the selected points scoring system.
  • The season standings and progression is provided in the graph and table for both points and position. And the constructors are shown as well. In the graph you can (de)select specific drivers by clicking on the names.
  • The position distribution graphs shows the spread of positions both in the race and in qualifying for the drivers in this season
  • The overview of wins, fastest laps and poles is provided for the selected season (including the team for which the driver achieved the results).
  • The all time points overview is the same as the all time section while only showing the drivers from this season (for their complete career, so not untill this season).
  • The two tables below show the statistics for drivers one focused on points related stats and the other on generic stats.
  • The calender provides an overview of all grand prix in the season. The grandprix page can be reached by clicking the name of the GP.
  • Finally an overview is shown of GP (user) ratings per race.
  • Drivers results are only shown when a driver actually started the race. A DNS (did not start) is not shown in the results.

Please note that in some cases, the overview does not always exactly match championship outcomes. This is due to additional rules for certain seasons as to how many results can be attributed to the championship.
Source: grand prix result data is obtained from www.formula1.com.
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