Which country has the most world champions?

The formula 1 nations section provides the nations perspective on points and other statistics. It represents the sum of all drivers from that nation in formula 1 history. This view shows the F1 champions per nation. Note: the data presented is based on the actual champion for a particular season (not under your selected PSS).
    Nr    Flag    Nation    Championships    Championships / season    Seasons    Driver with most championships    Championships
1United Kingdom200.2774Lewis Hamilton7
2Germany120.1769Michael Schumacher7
3Brazil80.1555Ayrton Senna3
4Argentina50.1927Juan Manuel Fangio5
5Finland40.0945Mika Hakkinen2
5France40.0669Alain Prost4
5Austria40.140Niki Lauda3
5Australia40.0755Jack Brabham3
9Italy30.0565Alberto Ascari2
10Spain20.0537Fernando Alonso2
10United States20.0445Mario Andretti1
10The Netherlands20.0544Max Verstappen2
13New Zealand10.0423Denny Hulme1
13South Africa10.0519Jody Scheckter1
13Canada10.0334Jacques Villeneuve1
The nations champions shows the ranked list of all nations total number of champions achieved by drivers from that nation. It also provides the driver with the most champtionships for a nation.
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